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Astrology with Marguerite

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the Magic Carpet Ride so far this month. It can be a little turbulent. Lets take a look at this week.

September 7 -14 2016

Solar/lunar year- The Magic Carpet Ride

Solar/lunar month- 2 heads looking out beyond the shadows

Kathe- God of the South

Shodashi- Goddess of Beauty, she aligns us with our best. We are in very good hands with her!

Sun in Virgo

Moon moving through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn

Mercury in Virgo Rx

Venus in Libra (happy), into Scorpio(not so happy)

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius

Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra crossing the Super Galactic Center

Lets start with Jupiter, this transition is a very powerful re-set and can take us directly into soul information should you want to go there! The light and energies

are strong and consistent, for global, collective and individual evolutionary re-set, review and new beginnings.

There are a lot of squares (planets kinda stress each other out), conjunctions and mash-up's going on all month. This week please pay attention to September 11th. Saturn squares Neptune and Saturn rules government, while Neptune likes to dissolve things. We will keep an eye out for global happenings as well as Gaia herself.

Please note from last weeks reading, the earthquake in Italy hit exactly when Mar's and Saturn were conjunct. Still a good idea for prepping or storing a little extra goodies from Colbri's Corner.

The Virgo energies are great for cleaning out, organizing and rethinking our daily lives. Also learning discernment and nurturing the ideas and dreams we want to bring to a healthy existence.

What are you weeding out, so that your new ideas(even if they are not clear) can sprout and grow to fruition.

Do watch for the Virgo perfectionist energy, because we are not!

Look up at the night skies, you can see Mars and Saturn. I find about 2-3 am is fairly clear, very cool! They will pull away from each other at the fall equinox on 9/22.

Venus and Jupiter will be expanding our creativity and love, with Mercury retrograde be sure to go over your feelings before displaying them.

Many planets and asteroids are diving into the underworld, bringing us face to face with what we don't want, need to let go of. Do you know what you want to keep?

Next week full moon eclipse and 6 planets in retrograde. Keep up on your meditation and spiritual practices, get out in nature, just sitting under a tree a couple of minutes can totally ground you.

Keep your humor and wits about you and take the high road!

Learn how these energies affect you personally with a private reading and use them in the highest and best way's. Contact me

Donations are gratefully and lovingly accepted through this paypal, with a note for Marguerite, Big Thanks for your support!

Intuitive Tarot


Aries- 8 of swords- Do not fear the unknown, many blessings are ahead. Is there a detail you should focus on? If it's love- compromise.

Taurus- Queen of swords- Your instincts are serving you well. Stay balanced, perfect something to keep moving forward.

Gemini- 6 of pentacles- You are likely to be moving into a positive cycle. Kickback, enjoy don't take life so serious.

Cancer- 6 of wands- Despite challenges, you will come out on top. Some responsibilities may need to be released.

Leo- 4 of wands- Keep your wits about you! Don't take success for granted. Your words and ideas will receive a boost.

Virgo- Wheel of fortune- This is a "karmic" time for you, change is on the horizon. You are on the right track for what you are working towards.

Libra- Empress- People will be more interested in you then usual. Your wisdom is valuable. Jupiter in your sign brings a surge of energy and well-being.

Scorpio- 10 of wands and King of wands- Are you carrying a heavy burden? Is it yours? A position you would like may be forthcoming. You may find a perfect outlet for what you want to say.

Sagittarius- Fool and Sun- An important "fresh start", success-trust yourself. Your evolving values can align you with a new path. It's a very social time for you. Please check your home foundation...

Capricorn- Page of wands- Stay focused,things started earlier may come to fruition. The next stage of an on-going journey can manifest. Balance professional and home life.

Aquarius- Temperance- You may have to try several approaches before you find what is right for you.Transformation and deep psychological and emotional levels can manifest now.

Pisces- 6 of cups- Don't spend to much time thinking about the "good old days". The way forward will be marked by opportunities to connect with the right people.

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