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Astrology with Marguerite

September New Moon

Sept. 1 at 4:03 a,m Central Time

Full solar eclipse with ring of fire

(unfortunately not visible here in Costa Rica)

WOW, hello everyone what a "crazy" year! Duality in crazy good and crazy bad! haha

There is always a choice! Our solar system has been very active this year and will continue to be.

I use a combination of intuitive astrology, planetary alignment Sabian symbols and Tarot.

This is not advice or predictions. It is a look at the energetics and frequencies in play and how best to use them on our own paths.

I recommend to back up everything, Mercury goes retrograde (sorta seems to go backwards) from Aug. 30 to Sept 23. Keep communication simple!

This is a very strong #9 month so we will see completion and release in preparation for October, a #1 mmontht with new beginnings and Nov. a #11 master month for realization.

Rest assured that the planets are hot and high energy, we can expect strong storms, earthquakes and of course hurricane season.

Be prepared, stock up at Colbri's Corner, organic quinoa, rice, beans, nuts and flours! Ask there about prepper specials!

The Sabian symbol for this lunation month is "Two heads looking out beyond the shadows," These symbols are a set of 360 images described through phrases that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. I will be covering the background of Sabiansymbols in future reports.

The benefit of this image is they are looking beyond, however that means they had to discover their shadowsl, so this month will be important to really review, deal with and move through your shadow sides and release for the incoming clarity and peace this can bring.

Look at what you may have started in March this year, chances you might be able to bring it to completion or release it. The cycle this month is softer then the March cycle. Remember this is the Eclipse month with a full moon eclipse on Sept 16th. and our almost eclipse back on Aug 18th.

Don't let self-doubt cloud your visions and dreams, watch for doubting and fear in the first week, then things will become clearer around the 10th, when Jupiter will be coming out of 13 months in Virgo. This transition is known as a 12 year RESET button time, so again with 2016 being a 9 completion year, look at your wishes and dreams, are you happy with them, is there more you can, want to do?

Put vision and energy in your hopes and desires, limit the negative political brouhaha, and embrace yourself and others in love and tranquility. Treat yourself to massage with Tim and Tess or sound healing with Viola. At the very least keep up on meditation, extremely important in these times.

Remember all sentient beings feel and experience benefits or harm so be kind and compassionate to all within your realm and beyond!

I have to say this looks to be a pretty good time for relationships and romance, especially Sept. 2,3,4. All and all how we trudge and dance through this month is your chioce!

Please repost this on your FaceBook page. It might be appreciated by friends to break up the political global rhetoric, your friends may thank you. I sure will!

If you would like a private Tarot and astrological reading please contact me,

Please check back weekly to learn more about planetary and Sabiannews.

Donations are accepted with gratitude and love, see you ,eyes to the skies, much love, Marguerite. Can be sent thru paypal to:, with a note "For Marguerite".

The Solar/lunar year begins March 21, this year's symbol is The Magic Carpet Ride, we will go into this and more in coming reports.

Aries- Tarot- 5 of Pentacles, you may be feeling a little alone or left out ,look again it's not true this to shall pass. Seek guidance and know you are loved.


Taurus- Tarot- The Moon, All is not as it seems? Allow contemplative time, even walks in nature.


Gemini- Tarot,

The Hanged man, introspection, suspension, 40 days in the wilder ness!Really think things through


Cancer- Tarot- The Emperor, Achievement,and balance are expected, possible father figure to you or you to them???


Leo- Tarot- The Magician, you could be experiencing manysycronicities, spiritual insight, a positive time.


VIRGO- Tarot- The Fool, deep insights, child-like,fresh starts. Watch for safety, accidents?


Libra- Tarot, The Hierophant, Traditions, by the book, don't cut corners. Do the right thing.


Scorpio- Tarot, Knight of cups, Good news is headed your way, be open to exploration of your feelings.


Sagittarius- Tarot, Six of swords, Change for the better internal or external, think about where you want to be.


Capricorn- Tarot, Three of wands, Is your ship coming in? May experience good fortune or a turnaround if things have been on the downside, work for it!


Aquarius- Tarot, Six of Pentacles, Positive in work and finance and remember to share or help others.


Pisces- Tarot, Ace of Swords, Don't be afraid to take a risk, new beginnings, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feb19-ma-Mar 20

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