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Discover the Cool, Pure, Refreshing Mountain Air of San Vito

Located in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, near the Panama border sits the city of San Vito. San Vito was originally settled in the 1950’s by Italian immigrants, and is now the commercial hub of the Canton Coto Brus. This less traveled area of Costa Rica has much to offer people looking for a break for the coastal heat, or nature lovers looking for a unique area of Costa Rica, and the natural beauty the area provides.

Regardless of which direction you come from, the drive to the San Vito area offers wonderful scenery on paved, well-maintained roads. With much of the area at 1000-1200 meters above sea level, once here you will find the pure mountain air refreshing, and the days pleasantly hot, and the nights comfortably cool.

The world-renowned Wilson Botanical Gardens (Jardín Botánico Wilson) is located 6km outside San Vito and is a must stop for nature lovers visiting the San Vito area.

Situated on more than 300 hectares, with some 200 hectares being primary forest. The Wilson Botanical Gardens is a nature lover’s paradise where you can enjoy the more than

1000 plants on display. The Garden’s is also an outstanding location for bird watching. Please visit their website for more information, and select the Los Cruces tab.

Less than 1km from the Wilson Botanical Gardens there are two first-class, reasonably priced, lodging options. The Cascata Del Bosco, and the Casa Botania, Visit their websites to see what unique experience they both have to offer.

For people interested in a tour of a real life, hands-on coffee operation started up and ran by three Portuguese woman, a trip to Las Dueñas for a personalized coffee farm tour will surely satisfy. The 30-40 minute drive north of San Vito is scenic, and once there you are sure get the “feel” of a coffee farmer in the mountains of Costa Rica. Make sure to budget some Colones for a coffee purchase after tasting Las Dueñas coffee, you are sure to want to purchase a few kilos for yourself, family, and friends. Visit their website at

For other activities and tours while in the San Vito area, visit Desafios Tour’s website at they offer a variety of ½ and full day tours. Walking around San Vito Centro one will encounter a casual pace of life the friendly residence of San Vito enjoy. A variety

of commercial businesses occupy the Centro area. There are two café/bakery where customers can sit outside and enjoy a fresh baked pastry and a cup of locally grown coffee. For a finer dining experience, there are two restaurants offering full menus that include Italian dishes and pizza, along with outdoor dining, Pizzeria Restaurante Lilliana and Tierra de Café y Pizza. Pizzeria Restaurante Lilliana is located 20 meters West of Centro Park on the street on the North side of

the park. Tierra de Café is located 30 meters South of Centro Park walking towards Banco de Costa Rica.

Hopefully after reading this, your interest is sparked enough to do a little research and take a trip and discover San Vito.

Pura Vida.

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