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Democratic Global Presidential Primary

This week Democrats Abroad Costa Rica is hosting 5 Democratic GLOBAL Presidential Primary Polling Stations around Costa Rica plus Non-Partisan Voter Registration

Democrats Abroad Costa Rica is hosting 5 Democratic GLOBAL Presidential PRIMARY POLLING STATIONS - plus - they will also help people of ANY party affiliation to register to vote as well as Absentee Voting (CRUCIAL for voting the congress):

• ESCAZU - Tuesday - March 1 - 11am - 3pm - Casa LTG (the Little Theatre Groups new home)

• GRECIA - Wednesday - March 2 - 11am - 4pm - Centro de la Cultura de Grecia

• QUEPOS•MANUEL ANTONIO - Friday - March 4 - 9am - 6pm - Jamie Peligro Books

• PEREZ ZELEDON•SAN ISIDRO DE GENERAL - Thursday - March 3 - 7:30am - 2pm - Feria – Colibri Corner Booth (just outside the SuperMercado entrance into the feria)

• SAN JOSE - Saturday - March 5 - 11am - 3pm - Tin Jo Restaurant

RSVP is helpful but not mandatory. Please bring some form of ID plus your last registered voting address.

Please share this with ALL American's you know as this election is a CRUCIAL election for the U.S. both for president, congress & the Supreme Court.

Some of you feel you no longer want or need to vote/care what happens back in the U.S., but groups like Democrats Abroad are busy fighting for you on such issues as Social Security, paying taxes abroad, trying to get Medicare abroad & LOTS more so if you're getting any of these benefits - it DOES effect you!!)

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I'll be adding more details to this page -

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