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Busy October in our Hummingbird Filled Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We have so many creative projects & beautiful events happening here in our part of paradise ... and many new visitors and others returning to enjoy and contribute to our community. Welcome and blessings to all.

Please check out Jennie & Fran's Little Italy Pizza Catering Service ... mouth watering and delicious!

Ivan will be answering computer questions of all kinds at Colibri's Corner Thursday, October 15th from 8am til 10am.

1/2 OFF ALL MASSAGES TODAY AND TOMORROW!!! Locals only! 2787-0210

Doctor Ricky's Last Blast! Doctor Ricky is leaving the area soon and Saturday October 17, 2015 from 4:44 to 7:00 pm at Salon Las Palmas in Chimirol de Rivas. Local beers will be 750 colones all day for "Doctor Ricky's Last Blast" event in Chimirol. . 506-6155-2381

We are so fortunate to have Merdeka creating this fabulous project here, just needing a little help with financing and community support. Please check out her vision and see if you can help too.

Remember our friends and their great healthy food at Urban Farm Restaurant ... stop by our booth for their menu & directions.

Looking for place to stay Hello! I lived in the Tinamastes / Diamante area last winter (Fuente Verde), and am now looking for a place in the same general area. I was wondering if I could post a notice, or "wanted" kind of post on community (housesitters) or houses for rent section? I am not sure how to go about doing this, so figured I would send an e-mail :) - I miss the San Isidro Farmers Market and the Organic Farmers Market in Tinamastes! Can't wait to return! Many Blessings, Carly 204-256-4978

We are a family who's coming to live in cota rica and love to house sit your precious property

We come with lot of experience in maintaining houses, garden and know how to keep the house

Functional , clean in very good condition. please email me if you would like to enjoy our trusted care

Tropical Wave Will Cause More Rain This Coming Week

Remember our international Phone Cards offer really affordable long distance calls.

Taking orders still for big locally raised chickens or turkeys for the holidays ... write here:

Super delicious fresh & smoked trout available at Colibri's Corner, as well as local free range chicken eggs.

We constantly hear how our Ginger Kombucha is the tastiest ever ... always available cold at our booth.

Organic / maca / moringa / hemp seeds & nutritional yeast.

Dates / brazil nuts / pistachios / quinoa / pecans / cashews (raw or toasted) / sunflower seeds / chia seeds / prunes / walnuts & macadamias & more!

We finally have an even better substitute for our Nature's Veil ... this time with Neem and other natural repellents included ... great for bites, preventing bites, any skin eruption, burns, etc.

We are also again carrying Cactus Juice ... another great repellent & sunscreen.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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