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Farewell to our Prince of Peace ...

This beautiful mushroom photo was taken by our own, lovely, Happe Roberts

A lightning bolt changed our beautiful San Isidro Valley de el General on Tuesday nite ... it hit our beloved statue, often called "The Prince of Peace" / "Principe de Paz" or "The Saint" / El Santo, which had blessed our valley since November,1980.

In researching this monument to peace ... there are various versions of who it depicts ... I have always believed it was Jesus, though others feel differently. Here is Casey Bahr's blog post on it ... and here is Carol Vaughn's article from Inside Costa Rica on it's history.

Made of steel & fiberglass, standing tall on the hill above the Cerro de la Muerte, near San Rafael Norte, it became a meltable lightning rod.

The statue and the rock he sat on, La Piedra del Santo, was not without controversy. The rocks below are of a unique type and a few years ago a movement to save La Piedra and the Statue was waged by locals which included bumper stickers, TV interviews, and even a murder.

We are fortunate to have enjoyed him for so long, and hopefully he will be resurrected in the name of peace once more.

Attention to the expats that live in Costa Rica, since most of you are not aware of local news. The is an alert on el "Niño", it is forecasted that it will be the most severe in 33 years, therefore, a serious drought will affect the western part of the country.

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Would love to welcome to many new readers and visitors to our blessed Southern Zone ... and remind myself and our readers to get and be prepared for anything that might be happening in Nature and otherwise. Trust in God and tie your horses.

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