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Spanish Paella & Much More to enjoy in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Fiery-billed Aracari/Cusingo/Pteroglossus frantzii/ "The Little Toucan"

Come enjoy a special treat at the feria this Thursday ... real Spanish Paella!

​Amigos de la Paella We are going to celebrate a Spanish Paella tomorrow, May 14th, Thursday at 9am at the Feria del Agricultor of San Isidro El General. We´ll be cooking at Pescadería Don Guillermo (fisherman), it is the only Pescadería at the right side of the Feria (same side as Colibri's Corner, at the front). Looking forward to meet you there !Olé! Amigos de la Paella Rosa and Iván.(+506) 88425254

Turrialba erupted again earlier this week ... so be sure and check to see if the airport is open if you are coming or going.

To make a visit to San Jose more exciting ... please try a new and delicious Thai Restaurant ...Aroi Thai in Ciudad Colon. Wednesday thru Sunday, 11:30am - 9:30pm. 2249-4911 or 8375-3420.

This week at Colibri's Corner we will be offering delicious Vegan Raw Cookies & Cracker / Organic Gluten Free Flours (banana, rice, corn, yuca) / Blackberry Cobbler / Blackberry Vinaigrette / Smoked Trout / KaleGasms / Feta & Herbed Goat Cheeses / Mozzarelli & Swiss Cow Cheeses / Goat's Milk / Farm Fresh Chickens / All Natural Bio-Soap with or without aroma / and Jennie's Sourdough Bread & Amazing Hummus / Organic Hemp Seeds / Oregano Oil / Nutritional Yeast / Neem Oil / Organic Cacao Butter & Organic Spirulina / Moringa Powder & Trees.

Please remember to let us know if you've sold or rented or no longer need your ad on the website

A reminder too, that getting your ads in by Tuesday 10am really helps us get this Vine out in a timely manner ... we still receive several submissions much later than that ... including today!

Pre-orders are so appreciated ... and help with the flow of everything ... the earlier the better and thanks for all. Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance.

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