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Happy Earth Day Mama Earth ... Let's Make Every Day Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day here in our blessed Southern Zone with sunshine this morning ... and now beautiful nourishing rain.

Thought this was a good explanation for an oft raised question: Why Is There Sometimes Several Versions Of The Same Earthquake?

Last week I heard 5 different stories of recent falls we have taken ... some resulting in serious injury. As our rainy and slippery season is here ... please be extra super careful to stay vertical as you walk.

I have a couple of Datacards (internet sticks) for just 15,000 colones each ... see me at Colibri's Corner or write:

Looking for ride to San Jose May 11 when I leave the country. Would be happy to pay half the gas expenses. Please contact Julianne at: Can meet in San Isidro. Muchisimo gracias a todos!

This week our good friend Maureen (two stands down from us) is making "hotdogs with all the fixin'" Thursday ... plus her getting to be famous, Strawberry Shortcake and Whipped Cream.

Gringo looking for a used car, pickup, or suv to rent or buy (financed by seller). Maybe you have a vehicle that you've been trying to sell and can't get rid of, maybe you have a spare and could use a little extra monthly income. I will rent short term or long term, whatever works for you. Or buy it with you financing for me. I have lived in CR for 2.5 years, live in Perez, married to a tica, well established here, grounded. I receive a monthly pension which I can document for you, if maintain a U.S. bank acct, I can automatically deposit each months payment directly into your acct, or pay you cash here. I can provide you with references, and would be happy to make it legal with an attorney written contract. Whatever it takes for you to be comfortable with the arrangement I'm happy to do. my email is, my phone is 8625-9758, Brian

Do you LOVE to get your hands in the dirt? Are you trained and skilled in permaculture and/or biodynamics? Organic gardening and farming? Natural building? And - are you an inspired leader - a teacher - and good at working with students and groups?

Awakening Soul is now offering an exciting position for our new Farm and Gardens Manager/Student Coordinator at our sanctuary in Costa Rica. Click here for more info.

Please check out KingYo Sushi and Fusion (just down from Plaza Tormenta) ...

At Colibri's Corner this week we are happy to offer various and super delicious raw goat cheeses (some with herbs), Mozzarelli & Swiss Cheeses; Goat Yoghurt, Smoked Trout, Blackberry Cobbler, and Raw Vegan treats.

We also have available: Oregano Oil / Organic Hemp Seeds / Organic Maca (very limited supply) / Nutritional Yeast / Neem Oil / Moringa Oil and Moringa Seeds / Reishi Extract / Super Yum Dates.

Please remember to let us know if you've sold or rented or no longer need your ad on the website

A reminder too, that getting your ads in by Tuesday 10am really helps us get this Vine out in a timely manner ... we still receive several submissions much later than that.

Pre-orders are so appreciated ... and help with the flow of everything ... the earlier the better and thanks for all. Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance.

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