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Wonderful happenings in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Two thousand fifteen is bustling along at a lickity split pace ... certainly hope you are enjoying it to the fullest (and shaking out all your clothes & shoes & sheets & towels etc).

We now have a good flow of Moringa Oil and Neem Oil ... two precious and potent gifts from the Universe to augment healing of many kinds. Also Lavender, Oregano, Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils, as well as powerful Reishi & Detox & Female Toner from Awakening Soul.

Many of you knew the ever smiling, unique and amazing, Rolf Ruge of Feria Verde and Asociación Amantes De Lo Orgánico - AAMOR. Very sadly, he passed away this week, leaving a splendid legacy of love and Organics in Costa Rica and beyond. We join our condolences to so many who will miss him.

WONDERFUL NEW PRODUCTS THIS WEEK: Coconut Secret Products: Gluten Free and healthy for diabetics, Organic, Non Dairy, Fat Free, Vegan, Coconut Flour, Coconut Nectar and Coconut Crystals.

We have Bear's Bliss Chocolates and our delicious Sierpe Chocolates in Dark, Milk, Chile & Coffee flavors for just 1,000 colones. And we take special orders for the ever scrumptious Samaritan Xocolates.

We are looking for books by certain authors?

Specifically, Clive Cussler, Graham Brown,Jack DuBrul, Grant Blackwood and Justin Scott.

Contact: Rosita Matheson <>

Teacher Trainee Apprenticeship open in Chinese Martial Arts: Tai-chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Shaolin Kung Fu. Lessons + Room exchange for work in home and garden. See http://centerpointenergy.tripod for curriculum details, then write with info about yourself. 12 years in CR.

Please enjoy this new blog entry from Guest Blogger, Diane Franklin, Reasons to Love Southern Costa Rica.

Thanks to all for the pre-orders ... they are much appreciated and make it easier for all of us. And remember we recycle all glass jars and bottles and egg cartons with tops!

Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance.

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