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Days of Gratefulness in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

A while back I shared this video, Grateful: A Love Song to the World and thought it would be the perfect reminder for this week.

There has been a beautiful buzz of new energy in our area ... lots of wonderful new families coming in and several new couples with babies ready to be born here.

A Tico friend was just over telling me how he had a outdoor dinner and they were attacked by mosquitos ... he brought out his Nature's Veil and no one got bitten! Just got in a new supply in smaller sizes too ... so definitely give it a try if you are ever plagued by bites here.

Remember you can pre-order Farm Fresh Hams / Bacon / Pastrami / Italian Sausages / Chickens / Ducks & Rabbits ... remember to do it by Tuesday 10am if possible.

Please check out our Events page for everything from Thanksgiving Dinner to AA/NA meetings and fashion shows and beyond!

If you have property to rent ... we have been receiving many requests a week for various living situations ... and there is somewhat of a shortage of rentals. It seems that lots more people are headed our way as the cold winter in No. America seems to be a doozy this year!

I will be bringing Mangosteen / Mangostan baby trees this week ... as well as Moringa and Salvia Divororum.

Also very excited to have a wonderful new product for the Holiday Season ... Smoked Trout from the Cerro. It's really super rico! Goes wonderfully with our herbed Goat Cheeses and Monte Azul Chevre and Feta Cheeses.

We will have Jennie's delicious German Sourdough Bread this week ... as well as some Gluten Free breads by popular demand. We also have a good supply of Organic Gluten Free Flours such as banana, yucca, rice and corn.

For all of you with listings of any type on our Pura Vida Connections website, please remember to update us when it becomes sold or rented, etc.

Would also request that you get your submissions in as early as possible ... the latest latest is Tuesday, 10am ... but we receive many after that. Sooner is better than later ... and shorter is better than longer.

This week only, we are closing Thursday at 2:30pm and will be open on Friday from 9 til 1:30pm.

Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance.

If you are looking for rentals ... please click here.

To check out many new and amazing properties for sale, please click here.

For the many wonderful upcoming events, please click here.

Vehicles of all kinds, please click here.

Products available at Colibri's Corner and via shipping, please click here.

Pura Vida Blessings to All

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