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Enjoying the end of the Rainy Season in ChayotevineLandia

A warm welcome to the many newcomers to our amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica ...

Our good friend Dennis Garber shared a very useful idea for all of us with a passport. On the address page in the front, if you put your email address, it could facilitate a quick and easy way to find you if your passport was found while you are "on the road."

Dennis also shared an excellent link to Statement: No scientific consensus on GMO safety, to help counter the vast amount of disinformation jiggling around the various media. Complete info and a 320 page report is here,

The annual marchamo (mandatory insurance) which is due by the end of the year, is now online if you would like to see how much you owe, just click here to check it out.

If you aren't familiar with magical qualities of Neem ... or you are ... please click here to read more about locally grown trees and the oils that they produce.

Also just got in some Australian Tea Tree Oil ... we had been out for a while. Potent Oregano Oil is also available at Colibri's Corner.

Excited to let you know that we are now carrying Monte Azul Feta and Chevre Goat Cheeses ... a great addition to our Herbed Goat Cheeses we normally carry. The Swiss Cheese from Canaan is also loved by many.

For all of you with listings of any type on our Pura Vida Connections website, please remember to update us when it becomes sold or rented, etc.

Would also request that you get your submissions in as early as possible ... the latest latest is Tuesday, 10am ... but we receive many after that. Sooner is better than later ... and shorter is better than longer.

If you are looking for rentals ... please click here.

To check out many new and amazing properties for sale, please click here.

For the many wonderful upcoming events, please click here.

Vehicles of all kinds, please click here.

Products available at Colibri's Corner and via shipping, please click here.

Pura Vida Blessings to All


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