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Viva La Raw!

& La Joya del Sol 

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Perez Zeledon  San Jose Costa Rica

Eric Rivkin is a nationally recognized living foods health chef who learned from top chefs of the Living Light Culinary Institute. His classes glow with accessible information, creative practical techniques and recipes to integrate the best of nutrition and living foods culinary arts. Novice and well-seasoned participants wanting to explore new options will benefit from inspirational methods, delightful flavors and presentation. Eric has conducted dozens of workshops all over the US and Costa Rica, and is one of the first live foods chefs to teach it in public schools, the American Culinary Federation, Olympic swimming coaches, and Miss USA titleholders.  Love your body – You are what you eat!


Welcome to La Joya del Sol

La Joya del Sol (Spanish for “Jewel of the Sun”) is a newly forming, living-foods based permaculture community in the south Pacific mountains, 45 minutes from pristine sea turtle beaches. It’s 170 acres of rainforest, buena vistas, fresh air and clean spring water. 
Discover the biological advantages of feeling awestruck, of nothing less than a forceful reckoning with nature and your true self. Breathtaking natural waterfalls and pools to bathe, massage and rejuvenate in. Healthy gourmet or simple raw and wild foods every day. Food forests fast becoming abundant, the gift of seedlings for every settler.


Internships are available to assist the Viva La Raw Project meet its mission, with various projects in raw foods cuisine, wild food cultivation, permaculture, rainforest reforestation, rebuilding native fauna populations, natural fitness and bodycare, bio-architecture, sustainable building with bamboo and other natural materials, tropical gardening, natural/edible landscaping, water collection and distribution, off-grid power, and conscientious (sustainable) business spawning. Experiences in personal or group retreats, internships, or guest living, are tailored opportunities to raise your health, healing power, spirit, connection to nature, artistic expression, and conscious personal growth.


The purpose of the Viva La Raw Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, is to provide education and support for sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just, plant-based, nutrition-rich lifestyles, supporting scientific research and creative initiatives that respect and enhance the quality of all life on Earth.

About Viva la Raw!

Come Visit Us!

We have received many health-seeking visitors from all over the world looking for a truly natural experience vacation. Come to relax, cleanse, be healthier, learn a skill, write a book, paint a picture, study wildlife, be inspired by the inspiring.  Year-round springs in the rainforest provide pure water for drinking and irrigation. Over 1200 fruit trees including durian, mangosteen, coconuts, and hearts of palm were planted permaculture-style since 2005, with large gardens created for super-nutritious veggies.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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