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This is the true story of how Linda Gray bought 200 acres of raw land in a small Costa Rican mountain community — on her first visit to Costa Rica in 2004!  A passionate horse lover, she originally envisioned a large horse farm, full of fat and happy ponies running through the rich pastures.  She didn’t pay attention to the fact that there was no road, electric, or water service to the property. 

She bought it anyway.  


The book starts at the beginning of that fateful first trip to Costa Rica, exploring the country, and finding the farm.  When she returned home and told her shocked friends, she began selling off everything she owned.  The move down to Costa Rica included three old dogs, about 25 bags and boxes, and Rebound Boy, an unsavory character who was around for the first year. 

It will break your heart to hear about the near-tragic fate of the dogs when they arrived.  


When she came to her senses, she downsized to a 14-acre part of the property, and developed the rest into lovely farm lots with ocean views, building roads, bridges, an electric system, and a water system.  She got screwed once, OK. 

At the same time, she gathered enough of those fat and happy ponies (they each have their own story),

and created a successful horseback tour business, known as Rancho Tranquilo.  


Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Don’t forget that this was in Costa Rica, where nothing is easy.  The book is peppered with amusing stories about life in the her community, silly “Tico-isms” that happen here all the time, and some true “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” tales that will give you a funny and positive look at living Pura Vida. to purchases paperbacks with free shipping in CR, or to download Kindle or EPUB versions.  Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and available at Colibri's Corner at the San Isido Feria.

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