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Samaritan Xocolata

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Phones : +506 8820-7095




Canaan de Rivas, Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica

High-Quality Artisan Chocolates from Costa Rica

From Costa Rica, the land that boasts beautiful beaches and protected rainforests, the little isthmus of the Americas, land of adventure, rustic retreats and five-star resorts, abundant wildlife, tropical fruits and coffee, comes one it's oldest traditional treats, Costa Rican cacao, artistically refined into Samaritan Xocolata chocolate.  

Our Chocolate


Our artisan chocolate is hand-crafted with the finest quality ecologically and socially conscious ingredients, sure to please the palate and heart of the chocolate connoisseur.  Our high cacao content, along with our distinctive flavors and exclusive formula and process, make our products the finest choice in Costa Rican chocolate.

Our organic cacoa beans are hand selected for their flavour and processed carefully in small batches. Producing chocolate directly from the cacoa beans gives us a real advantage in creating the finest, most complex taste for our products.

All of the cacao we use is organic, single-origin, from small farms in the Southern Zone. Many of our other ingredients are organic and local as well; always the finest quality we can find. Our chocolate flavors and recipes are evolving all the time. The variety of herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and seeds is somewhat seasonal. No two batches are exactly the same

Our Chocolate Factory Tour


It may not be exactly the "Willy Wonka" experience, but this opportunity is a golden ticket to the world of artisan organic chocolate making, from bean to bonbon and bar. Learn about the process of cultivating, fermenting, and drying, peeling, toasting and grinding cacao seeds, as well as much you may not have known about the history of chocolate and its benefits to your health. You will have a chance to learn the art of tempering and molding, and making your own chocolate treats, and of course, you'll get to sample the goodies! Gift boxes and bars are also available for purchase to take home.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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