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Traffic fines up to ¢ 6,300 higher

If you are going to vacation or have to run an errand, exercise greater caution and drive responsibly, because traffic fines will be stricter in 2022. The infractions will rise to ¢ 6,200 as of this Saturday, January 1, 2022, as announced by the General Directorate of the Traffic Police (DGPT). The increase in traffic fines corresponds to the upward adjustment in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) between July 2020 and June 2021. Edwin Herrera, executive director of the Road Safety Council (Cosevi), indicated that there is a clarity that driving speed, recklessness, and alcohol consumption increase at parties. Herrera recalled that these elements threaten life, so it is necessary that the culture of the Costa Rican increase in the sense of road safety. “We believe that it is important that Costa Ricans enter into reflection because what travels in or on a vehicle is the sustenance of the family and the family itself. We, who are parents and who travel with our children, must be clear about the responsibilities we have and the obligation to get home because we are part of the support of the house, ”said Herrera. The Road Safety Council (Cosevi) recalled that in the event that the driver receives a sanction in 2021, but pays in 2022, the fine of the year in which the fine was drawn up will be applied. TRANSIT TICKETS UPDATE 2022 - Driving under the influence of liquor ¢ 333,973.30 - Turn in a U in forbidden areas ¢ 333,973.30 - Overtaking curves or intersections ¢ 333,973.30 - Children without safety device ¢ 225,688.45 - Under 5 years old motorcycle companion ¢ 225,688.45 - Disrespect signal at intersection ¢ 225,688.45 - Driving without a seat belt ¢ 112,844.22 - Cell phone use while driving ¢ 112,844.22 - Allow companions not to use a belt ¢ 112,844.22 - Motorcyclists without safety helmets ¢ 112,844.22 - Whoever refuses to provide public transport service ¢ 112,844.2 - Provide public service without authorization ¢ 112,844.22 - Obstruction to the passage of the train ¢ 112,844.22 - Vehicle restriction ¢ 112,844.22 - Provide taxi service without prior contract ¢ 55,852.19 - Bad parking ¢ 55,852.19 - Enter the intersection despite being on the green light ¢ 55,852.19 - Drive vehicles on the beaches ¢ 55,852.19 - Non-payment of the Marchamo ¢ 55,852.19

Source: Ley de Tránsito


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