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I Would Love to Go to Costa Rica and Work at a Farm for a While

Hola Chayotevine Readers!

I would love to go to Costa Rica and work at a farm for a while.

However, I travel low-cost atm and I'd love to know if there are any options of paid work employment!

About me:

I'm Jenny and originally from Germany and currently in Mexico for almost two 2 years.

I've been traveling all over Mexico learning a lot about the country, a healthy & natural cuisine, art and nature, and thanks to my contacts I speak Spanish very well and I'm fluent in English (I am open to teaching those languages too!)

I'm considering coming over to Costa Rica. to get to know the country and to focus on organic produce/permaculture, and do a plant-based chef certification.

I would also love to support a plant-based family as an Au Pair (lots of experience!)

Anyhow it's important to me to gain some money too :)

I'm very creative, full of spontaneous ideas and I love love to cook (plant-based) and to share my energy with others (hecho a mano y con amor).

I am very practical and I would love to be around like-minded people 😊

I have lots of experience working as a waitress/barista (gastronomy), I've been an Au Pair two times in Australia and the Netherlands, I am very talented in photography, I paint (I have aquarell paintings of my time in Mexico) and I love to connect (with) people.

I've studied communication and health education but I did not like what was taught to the public.

I started focusing immediately on an online course as an holistic health practitioner in Switzerland (unfortunately I couldn't finish it so far due to a disease I had).

I've started to become interested in naturopathy (my mother is practicing homeopathy) reading a lot about superfoods, herbs, gut cleansing & liver detox, etc, and the effects of natural products on the body, and I love a healthy plant-based lifestyle (creating healthy meals, herbal medicine, making tinctures/creams etc., support the locals and being part of healing the planet and speaking out my truth.

I sincerely hope that you need some support or you know someone (a plant-based family, a plant-based business/cafe/hostel?) in need of paid support and we can contribute from one another and grow all together and share 🌸

Lots of love,


WhatsApp +49 1575 5500229


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