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Welcoming April Showers in our Stay at Home Paradise in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sunflower Mandala

Welcome New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All

Happy to say our Perez Zeledon Feria will be open this week ... no children please, one person per family, if you are ill, please don't come, come and shop and leave! You may have a wait outside for a while as they are only allowing a small number in the building at once ... but all of us there are doing our best to accommodate everyone's needs. We appreciate pre-orders.

Our wonderful WebMistress & WebMaster, Adria & Miguel Brunner, and I are working on updating and upgrading our website, Pura Vida Connections. We have to make a server change and are making use of this time to clear out any old ads or outdated information. If you have a listing on our Real Estate Pages, we will be contacting you to see if you wish to renew your ad or update it. Thanks for any and all help on getting all of our information updated!

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