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Finca Fruicion is looking for new caretakers

Hey all,

Our organic farm in Costa Rica is currently accepting applications for a new caretaker/hospitality manager(s), starting mid-March!

We're open to either a single person, or a pair of people, to accept the stewardship of this sanctuary and project. I anticipate spending most of my coming year down here, so I'll be available to help guide whoever that is, through their initiations. This is going to be a life-enriching experience for whoever the land calls forward to enjoy its care.


Enjoy the tranquility of a permaculture-design hand-built homestead, perched on a ridgetop near San Isidro del General, overlooking the Talamanca Mountains, Mount Chirripo, and the valley below. We have our own spring water, and food forests and the climate is perfect with regular gentle breezes that carry away the common tropical humidity.

Responsibilities will include maintenance of the communal-use spaces, online communications & light spreadsheet work, checking-in guests, caring for our dogs & cats, watering of the greenhouse, assisting with occasional retreats, and staying in communication with the owners, local groundskeeper, and occasional skilled-volunteers.

This is a commission-based profit-sharing position, so social media engagement and any other marketing skills will be to your benefit. I will also be helping to renovate our online presence and marketing approaches, so you won't be alone on that. In that same thread, You will also be able to supplement that income by managing a small "store" on-site, providing farm harvested goods to guests. For kitchen enthusiasts, opportunity can be available to meals and treats available to guests on a periodic basis, as well. We are transitioning out of our previous volunteer-based model into a more long-term rental, event, and personal retreat based model. Details will be discussed during an online interview.

We are looking for a minimum 6-month commitment, with the potential for developing a longer-term relationship, thereafter. If you're interested, please email me a resume or letter, along with a 3-10 minute video describing why you feel called to embark on this adventure and what you feel you have to offer. You can send that to

In that email, please include any SM links that you have, including FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I'll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours, to set up the first interview. There'll be much to discuss

I can't wait to meet you!

Jason Bliss Co-founder Finca Fruition: Permaculture Land Cooperative & The Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology

P.S. We also have limited work-trade opportunities available for specifically skilled individuals (carpentry, social media engagement, Wordpress, and food production.)

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