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February Flew in with Gusto to our Delightful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All

Hope to see many of you this week at our Perez Zeledon feria! Colibri’s Corner will be open Thursday, 7 to 7 and Friday from 8 to 1.

Miracle healings are occurring with CBD oils ... for more information, please write:

With great sadness, we share the loss of a lionhearted friend, Thomas Sutton, many years resident of Quebradas. Thomas was her beloved Padre, and Desiree Wells invites those who wish to join her and his daughter, Jamie, in honoring him and bringing flowers to his doorstep, this Saturday, February 8th from 10 til 1 at the beautiful paradise he loved so much. May he be Grateful Dead Dancing in peace forever.

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