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Memorial for Suzanne Smith

A special memorial is being planned on Thursday, January 16th for Suzanne Smith at the feria. Come celebrate her life and join Suzanne’s loved ones to honor her, share stories, and hugs.…or as Suzanne would say, “a squeeze”. A table will be setup in her space with flowers, pictures and candles.

Dear Friends and Family

We invite you to celebrate Suzanne’s life and to honor the departure of her spirit at Suzanne’s home in San Ramón Sur around 3:00 on Monday, January 20th.

Bring if you wish: food to share or just yourself and the memories, joy, and laughter that she brought to us with her life.

DIRECTIONS: From Hotel Papá de Páramo, continue heading north. When you see the next bus stop on the left, take a hard left on the paved road. As you co ntinue driving, you will see an orange fence on your right. You will take the next left-hand turn and should be able to see the gathering.

Many Blessings

Suzanne had 2 cats in need of new homes.

Contact Diane Britzke 8427 8779

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