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Dear Future Friends in Costa Rica

My wife and I are planning a move to the San Isidro de El General area for the next chapter in our lives and are hoping to locate the perfect place to land. Our plan is to run a small business from home that helps people get connected to nature and also helps other local businesses related to birding and protecting the environment. Our wish list might be crazy, but here it is:

  • A house big enough for the two of us and our six indoor-only cats -- a combo of enclosed living space (1500 sq. ft.?) plus screened porch area is great

  • A separate rental cabina and some acreage for visitors who want to watch birds and other wildlife

  • Fruit trees

  • High-speed internet access (I work as an editor from home)

  • A stream or other moving water

  • No road noise from passing cars and trucks

  • Either 2WD access or 4WD access via good roads that are not super steep.

  • Within 30 minutes of a hospital, veterinary care, restaurants, and beach access

  • Daytime high temperatures between 75-85

We currently live in Hilton Head Island, SC and own a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise that we are now selling. A nice situation would be a lease-to-own agreement that allows us to move to CR with our cats and rent the property we will ultimately purchase when our business sells. We also might be open to some sort of trade for our home in Hilton Head. I can send you a link and information if you are interested.

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to get in touch by emailing Pura Vida!

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