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Enjoying the Changing of the Seasons in our Rainy Sunny Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This gorgeous painting is by local loved & renowned artist, Helen Eltis, who is now offering an exciting artist retreat at Finca Mia ... the perfect venue! Check all details on our Events Page here

Welcome New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All!

Immigration Fine For Over Stay Postponed Another 12 Months

VIDEO: Costa Rican Lizard Discovered That Breathes Under Water

Not much time left, but here is an important luncheon event for Veterans living here. Thank you Chuck & Bryan!

Come try our new Indian Madras Hummus ... goes great with Diane's Flaxxers. Also lots of Vegan and Gluten Free Delights!

Our Ginger Kombucha receives accolades every week. And we have a wonderful new spicy Kimchi as well as our organic sauerkraut now available.

We are also carrying the most delicious gluten free breads ... place an advance order if possible.

Also available now is MMS and Collodial Silver

Write for more information.

We also deliver 7 days a week and can help with your feria shopping if you don't want to come in. write

I am looking for a dermatologist who speaks basic English, and wondering if you might know of anyone in San Isidro. Gracias

Ballena Tales – An Integral Media Promoting the South Pacific

The South Pacific of Costa Rica stands out as a booming destination and is the focus of attention for Ballena Tales. For more than 10 years we have been providing quality content to those who visit us from all over the world, as well as those who live here, either temporarily or permanently. All companies including the real estate sector have obtained good results through their advertising in our magazine.


Dearest Readers,

I want to share something I knew was good and important but I didn’t realize how effective it really was until recently.

Please consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help make us stronger and healthier again.

Certain parts of our bodies can be deprived from oxygen causing illness and fatigue.

HBO may be your solution for any healing challenges you may have, as well as general well being.

Some of you may know Kipp, he’s an interesting Canadian gent that does healing work and promotes the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen here.

If you would like a session in the HBO chamber, he is offering that, as well as now making the chambers available for purchase.

Kipp will be holding an educational & raising awareness meeting for anybody interested. Write for more information or with questionsl

HBO is one of the most powerful healing modalities available to us.

Here is the link to his website and click here for the video story and website.

Paraiso Miravalles ... lovely new subdivision just miles from town but in the hills with awesome views. For more information, write:

Check out our website of our CBD products ... ... we have various strengths of CBD oils and a great cream excellent for so many types of pain. write for more info or to order.

Investment opportunity.

Creating intentional community. Permaculture, self sustaining community.

Like minded folks interested in sustainable living. Permaculture Gardening. Natural Organic standards. Progressive ideas .

Do you want to be the change you want to see.

57 acres in Paradise. In between San Vito and Ciudad Neily, about an hour to the beach, less than an hour to Panama.

The property is served by the municipality of San Vito the electric is created by wind power. Spring Water is serviced by the municipality of San Vito. And as an added bonus that is unheard of in most of Costa Rica there is fiber optic high-speed internet available. Dependable internet working from home is available.

Ownership in this Cooperative includes Beach Club membership at Paz Bella.

Click here for more info.