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Holiday Celebrations Abound in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Minor Hidalgo

Resplendent Quetzal Pharomachrus mocinno Paraiso del Quetzal lodge 15/Nov/18

Welcome to Several New Subscribers & Pura Vida Greetings to All!

We have a full moon rising Saturday nite and many many wonderful activities happening in our Zone in the upcoming weeks. Please check our Events page for a full listing.

Last week for an unknown reason ... lots of people didn't receive their copy of the Vine ... it is a mystery still to us and I apologize profusely and am very grateful to know so many people miss it when it doesn't show up in your mailbox. Here is last's week's Vine ... I particularly love the photo and hoped every one could enjoy it. If you ever miss one ... please check this page on the website.

Our Perez Zeledon feria will be having regular hours during the Christmas / New Years Weeks ... the Tinamastes feria will be open on Mondays for those two weeks.

We offer Xpress delivery service throughout our area ... and throughout Costa Rica via various Transport companies for any of our products (see Gourmet Product Page) ... as well as we can do some limited shopping at the PZ feria for you.

We have a list of several families / singles / couples looking for rentals in our area ... from very simple to fancy schmanzy. If you would like to offer a place for rental .. our cost for advertising is just a one time $20 fee til rented. (If you run into any already rented rentals from our page .. please let us know and ask the owner to let us know if they haven't yet. Send

Must visit our new Beer Garden in Central PZ ... click here!

Awesome article on Untamed Animals & Costa Rica in National Geographic!

Chemical free Osa Facebook Page

Sat Yoga Open House coming up!

Are you hosting a holiday event•dinner for the public • have things for sale related to Christmas • trying to find who's selling or making the most delicious pumpkin pie • have organic or regular turkey's for sale • doing a toy drive for a cause & seeking donations &/or help • looking to see what restaurants are doing Christmas Dinner in your area • looking for a New Years Party to attend - whatever you can think of that's Christmas or New Years related - join our "Christmas in Costa Rica" & "New Years in Costa Rica" Facebook groups for holiday-related things around Costa Rica & ask &/or share details!! • CHRISTMAS in Costa Rica = • NEW YEARS • Feliz Año Nuevo In Costa Rica =

Dear Friends,

We are preparing a Holiday "Gathering"' for you, your family and friends on December 21st, 22nd & 23rd. We are featuring three delicious meal choices, all including a delectable dessert. We will be featuring Chilean red and white wines for your pleasure as well as our regular beverages.

Treat yourselves to a relaxed afternoon or evening of friendship by letting Chef Memo's prepare a Holiday meal for you. Served at Chef Memo's Restaurant and / or prepared for "Take Out".

We will have additional covered seating for your dining pleasure.

Please take a moment, make your meal selection, and send your reservation in now by clicking on the following link:

Thank you,

Chef Memo & Staff

Across from Little California mini super, next to Fut5 Quiros, Corner of Calle 2 and Avenida 16, San Isidro de El General.

Beautiful article on Cloudforests ... thank you Vicki

Ever wonder what pets or wild animals actually think about and communicate? Begin 2019 with a new skill to connect to Nature with animist Kay Lindstrom, a student animal communicator, in an all-day participatory seminar amidst the wilds of Nature at La Joya del Sol farm in the Diamante Valley. One of the attendees will be bringing their dog so Kay can lead a live demonstration. You will learn to: - Rekindle your innate ability to communicate with all forms of life, especially animals, through feeling and sensing - Perceive via feeling and sensing the supernatural powers of how alive our world really is through animism - Connect via practical and esoteric approaches to increase mutual understanding, knowing the animal’s needs, thoughts and feelings You’ll also receive a list of resources for further study and a gourmet vegan lunch provided by internationally acclaimed plant-based Chef Eric Rivkin (

Parking in San Isidro on the street free until the first of the year!

Looking for a bamboo hanging chair ... anyone know where to get one?

Totally renovated home with guest house in Palmar Norte for Sale

Golfito Get Away Specials