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Loving December and all that it brings to our Magnificent Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Be like the Sunflower ... always seek the light.

Welcome to over a dozen new subscribers this week ... and Pura Vida Blessings to All!

So happy to see so many new faces ... and many of our friends returning here, happy to escape the cold in much of North America right now. As we head into our Summer ... record cold temperatures are being reported in many parts of the world. I know many join us in feeling the many benefits of life here in the Southern Zone.

It is not without challenges for sure. As just about everywhere in the world ... robberies increase this time of year ... here included. So be extra vigilant, and we recommend to all that you "Trust in God and tie your camels."

Thanks to many of you who sent in updates for our website since last week .. .and again encourage any and all who have announcements and ads that are outdated, to please send us current information! If you would be so kind, if you encounter something that is already sold, forward that info to us, as these matters often go unreported and we want the best, most accurate information possible of course.

This year with Christmas and New Years landing Tuesdays, both of these weeks will be "normal" at the San Isidro / Perez Zeledon Feria, Thursdays and Fridays. We at Colibri's Corner encourage pre-orders, which helps the flow at our booth substantially. We also offer delivery service to just about everywhere in Costa Rica ... and here in the Southern Zone, 6 days a week. Just write

The 2019 Marchamo In Costa Rica Can Be Paid Now ... and you never, ever want to be late!

HOLIDAY SALE! Jan Hart Medical Expenses Painting Sale Continues! 15% Off through the Holidays Please visit her beautiful website here.

We are excited about a couple of high quality health products we are now carrying.

Colflex , super oregano spray treats colds, coughs and sore throats like a miracle. We are fortunate to have it in Cinnamon Lemon and Arctic Mint, $20.

Here is a short blurb.

SUPPORT YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM WITH COLFLEX FROM INNOTECH Aiding in the relief of cough, sore throat, and other respiratory concerns, Colflex Super Oregano Oral Spray Arctic Mint will simultaneously offer fresh breath and support oral hygiene. Containing Vitamin D3 and a blend of 4 essential oils (Thyme, Oregano, Lemon and Spearmint in a base of Olive Oil), Colflex offers respiratory support and can aid in the healing process of specific digestive concerns; such as: E.coli, Salmonella, and Diarrhea. The Colflex Super Oregano Oral Spray Arctic Mint lasts for 165 sprays. [LIQUID SPRAY]

We also are thrilled to be able to help so many people with depression, pain, sleeplessness and much more with Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil, in four strengths from 100 mg to 1200 mg. Available now at Colibri's Corner or write us at

We have a brand new in box, Black & Decker Rice Cooker, 3 cups with 2 year guarantee, now for 19,000 colones.

Check out these new books on the beauty of Chirripo and more! Click here.

Our wonderful PZ International Women's Club is having their annual Holiday Lunch this coming Tuesday,

December 11th, 2018, at 11:00 AM

at Hotel del Sur opposite from the Monte General Mall and next to the Expo Fairgrounds. Everyone is welcome! Reservation required (see Events page for more information).

You are cordially invited to a memorial and celebration of the life of Shawnell Parker. Sunday, December 9 at Roca Verde from 1-5 pm. Please bring a dish to share and a story to tell. If you have something red to wear, please do. It was her favorite color. We will have a small service followed by lunch and then a sunset toast and scattering of the ashes.

We are excited to help promote this awesome restaurant / Beer Garden, Kaffee Baden Biergarten here in downtown Perez Zeledon.

Here is their FB link.

Hours For December, Thursday thru Sunday

12 noon to 8PM

Specializing in :

Artesanal Beer

German Sausages

Rosemary Chicken

Potato Salad

Cheese Fondue

Meat Balls

Paprika Fries

... and mucho mas!

Our good friends at Neville's Restaurant have a special event coming up!

Celebrate The Return Of Summer at Neville's Restaurant, Thursday, December 6th from 5-8! Click