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Always an Adventure in our Fabulous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to Many New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All!

Just talked to our feria in Perez Zeledon and we will be open on Thursday & Friday as the strike continues and even escalates. Here is a 'warning' from the U.S. Embassy regarding the strike and it's effects on the country.

We are trying a new way of sending out the Chayotevine ... hope you like this format. Some messages are going into spam and I am not sure of how to stop that from happening.

Also, we are offering to send out a special mailing one time for $30 to our subscribers. Send email to for more details.

Also, very important for many who might want a passport renewal or other routine Consular services for US citizens ... this Thursday in Uvita & Friday in Perez Zeledon are meetings set. Click here for more details.

We now have Kratom & Moringa & Turmeric in capsules! Also newly back in stock ... Turkey Tail Extract ... powerful immune booster. Click here to read of the benefits of this potent mushroom.

Our dear friend, Suzanna Leff from the amazing organic farm, Finca Amrta, needs our help. Please click here to read the blog post by her daughter, Nathanya. They have just added this "GoFundMe" page.

Beautiful, healthy puppies in adoption! 3 months old • vaccinated & dewormed. They all grew up with their mother in our rescue center, monitored by our vet nurse on site • very playful • will become larger sized dogs • Athena, their mother, is extremely intelligent and socially aware. All 4 are females • ready to move in their forever home! They are in Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, we can help with organizing transportation to part of Costa Rica. Adoption contact : +50683252514 (Whatsapp only) Write for photos.

Russ Giles has returned to his guitar for a weekly gig. Where? Batsu Restaurant in Canaan. When? Every Sunday from 12--2, hopefully before the afternoon deluge and definitely before dark. What? Mostly blues from as early as the 1920's through the late 70's with a side of 'Country Rock', a somewhat whimsical term for many of the popular songs from the likes of The Eagles, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Willie Nelson, The Band and others. On occasion, he might steal a Sunday for some protest and folk songs from hippy daze, with a dash of down home gospel. But he'll warn you before those digressions. Come by for some really great food, local beers and trips down musical memory lane.

Between a Rock and a Heart Place is a perfect altered metaphor for the place Jan Hart felt as she faced costs for two separate medical issues, each requiring immediate surgery in Costa Rica. (Read more here) Her response, in order to pay the medical expenses, is this one-time painting sale that includes many from her private collection. Jan invites you to browse as if walking through a private show. As you go you can pause and click to view a painting and details more closely. And you can read Jan’s personal comments about each. When asked how she could part with some of these favorites her reply was from her heart. “It is time”. Please enjoy this selected sale of Jan Hart’s life works. Note: Each painting is marked ‘Out of Stock’ until the sale begins, October 1. Here is the link to view all of Jan's paintings.

Installing electricity and need service cable? Want to generate electricity with a stream turbine? See Stuff page for more details or write:

Eric Rivkin <>

With all the storming going on, when the lightning starts ... please remember to unplug your computers, phones & other appliances you would love to keep un-fried! Just read of a couple of big losses this week. Also remember to keep all batteries charged up ... you never know when the power could go out for more than a little bit!

Once again, deepest thanks to all who are helping Marguerite in these difficult days. Here is the latest update from our beloved Sheri Cooke.