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"Health corner"

Here’s TOUGH and USEFUL REALITY CHECKS about first signs of disease and unserving beliefs. Our relationship with food is our relationship with life. Whole food, plant-based reset will save our health, planet, and creatures. The video is quite emotional - eating animal products is forced upon us, it never was a natural act.

Please share this with everyone you love, and discuss, make changes for the better. It is said - You may see my eating habits as deprivation, I see it as insuring a longer life.

You may see unhealthy SAD eating habits as fulfilling, I see it as toxic and diseased.

We are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society we grew up in.

Time to take responsibility for our actions and clean up the karma.


The following by: Jason Christoff Many people believe that the first sign of disease is high blood sugar, high cholesterol, a lump, high blood pressure, a failed medical test, etc., etc. The first sign of disease is actually not caring about what you eat. That's the first sign of disease, a lack of care for self. Disease is coming to anyone who has a diseased value system. Diseased value systems are very popular today and that's why diseased bodies are everywhere. Our beliefs are making us sick, first and foremost. Our inverted ideas are producing inverted results. Junk food in our cupboards is the first sign of disease. Non food items, made from chemicals, in our the first sign of disease. Drinking and smoking is the first sign of disease. Working a job you don't like and drinking toxic coffee in order to be alert when you get there is the first sign of disease. Not packing healthy food to take with you before you leave the house and then relying on our toxin based control grid to feed you, is the first sign of disease. Reframing poison as a "treat" or "reward" on a Friday night is the first sign of disease. Believing you need a poisonous drink or toxic cigarette (or joint) in order "to relax" or "really enjoy life" is the first sign of disease. If you're sedating to your life, it means you need to change your life, not numb yourself to it. Why do people think that dying early and spending what little money they have, so they become more tightly chained to the job they don't enjoy, is about living the good life? We've been lied to down here on the human farm. Believing that you can use your face as a garbage disposal unit and that your life will be unaffected, is the first sign of disease. Believing that you're special, that you hold a special sort of magical ability to eat poison and not get the first sign of disease. Believing that medical poisons and butchering surgeries will make you healthier, when you add them into your already unhealthy the first sign of disease. Believing that your car needs all its' parts to run properly but you can have a surgeon remove your parts, in order so your body runs better, is the first sign of disease. Not thinking and not caring about yourself are the very first signs of disease. You're worth it. Stop poisoning your mind with these ruling family lies and stop poisoning your body with the fruits of those lies. It's not bad luck, bad timing or bad gene... it's you not loving yourself enough to protect yourself from the lies. Disease is built, one day at a time.....via unhealthy habits, unhealthy foods and unhealthy belief systems. The first signs of disease come much earlier than we believe. I can take any 10 people I know and rank them for the diseases they'll get and in what order those diseases will take them down (given none of them change their current habits). Don't wait for the high blood sugar, the high cholesterol, the lump, the high blood pressure or the failed medical test. React now when there's still time. Reject the poison. Reject the complete and utter bullshit belief systems taught to us through media and government. Don't let the wolf in the hen house. Don't pass on these bullshit lies to your kids. Protect your mind from the unhealthy belief systems that will destroy your body one cell at a time. Take control, power up, unslave and walk out into your best life.

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