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Peaceful living in our Precious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Orchid Pigments, 2016, by our multi talented

and much loved artist, Jan Hart ... see her website here.​

Welcome to several new Subscribers ... and Pura Vida Blessings to All

We are looking forward to our the feria this week in Perez Zeledon ... our hours are 7 to 7 on Thursday and Friday from 8 to 1 at Colibri's Corner.

We also offer shipping and delivery service throughout Costa Rica. For our area ... we have a network of Xpress & Taxi's who can delivery our products 7 days a week ... just let us know! On feria days, we can also do limited shopping and shipping.

Our neighbor at the PZ feria, Maria, will be bringing fresh Coconut Milk to our feria and also Tinamastes on Tuesdays.

We also want to thank and acknowledge the incredibly talented and multilingual, Dagmar Reinhard, for her success in 10 years of creating and publishing the Ballena Tales.

Definitely visit Nevilles at Road Beach on the road to Dominical ... great food & host!

The G String Cowboys have released their very first “official” music video. For your viewing, listening and adult pastry enjoyment:

To search for it on YouTube - searchA Fresh Batch of Brownies.

Next week the band is doing their first tour in Guanacaste. And On June 9th we return to Batsú Gastropub in Chirripó…hope to see you there!

New Daycare and Christian School in San Isidro

  • LONGEVITY GROUP WORKSHOP 86 year old RESEARCH PSYCHOANALYST, MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA, offer workshop. dr urban is the author of 3 books. learn how to live longer. change how you think and act to increase your life span. you will learn how to be more disciplined how to give up your negative addictions how to eat better, exercise,give up negative thought, ideas and emotions how to lose all your fears how to be more accepting, compassionate and loving how to better play the game of life 8 people minimum, 2 hours, 5.000 colones, date time and place to be announced when 8 sign up, contact

Please check our Events page for a variety of entertainment, workshops, ferias, etc.

Our Panama based group has two individuals that have committed for the long term but need to pass immigration for 30 days in Costa Rica before returning. I am sending them with a mission to study new plant species on new farms for our Nutritional Diversity Diet [1] examinations, and to look at farm projects and farmers that would fit to be in our permaculture for kids production [2]. Flexible dates.

We are looking for farms that want to take on experienced pemaculturists from a cutting edge group, feed them like kings and shelter them for one week, while teaching them about your farm and your cultivations and receiving volunteer help and consideration for our production work in return. Should we find something great for this show we will film right then and there, and will quickly release a sample clip of the tutorial. Later selected segments will be included in a professional quality edited movie or show segment for permaculture education.

We look forward to trying to build good karma, good connection, community and good food with you.Contact here.

Lots of Rentals here.

Stunning Riverfront home on the rio chirripo in Canaan de Rivas Gorgeous views ,awesome swimming holes ,pure spring water , great bird and monkey watching from your window 500$ a month includes water and power 1 bedroom with loft (2 beds) , Full kitchen , 1 big bathroom. 8 min walk to house from parking or bus stop. Call or text 8 729 4321


How would you like to spend your summer living as the threshold guardian at the mouth of Costa Rica's Grand Canyon?

$200 for one month, $400 for 4 months, June - September. Preference will be given to those who can stay the longest and want to spend the vast majority of their time on location. The cabin is perched above the Rio Talari in Los Angeles de Canaan (near San Gerardo de Rivas). Ideal setting for reading, writing, research, sabbatical, yoga, meditation, birding, and river watching. Free of wifi but includes a landline. One bedroom with attached studio/guest room. Two bathrooms, one hot shower, and a bathtub in the kitchen. Interweaving trails leading to different spots along the river where you can harvest bananas from a number of trees. Looking for groups with backcountry try experience. Must love to cuddle cats and be comfortable with being a snack servant to our fiery red head Chispa. Welcome to the jungle, just know that you may be subjected to power outages, cold showers, torrential downpours, scorching sun, monkey stare downs from across the river gorge, and overstimulation from An abundance of hummingbirds and butterflies. Message with interest.