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Need social media & multimedia support?

Getting exposure online can be a daunting task! And you'd probably rather spend your time on other things. And just the thought of keeping a social media campaign schedule, listing the venues, posting ads & responding to all the comments, can just be too much! No need to worry anymore! ShaheeMedia has got you covered! ShaheeMedia offers 2 bundled sets of services; - Website plus Social Media Package, - And our Social Media Package About 134 posts per month. Plus a professionally designed website! Included FREE with a 6 month commitment! Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're reaching your goals with your brand new website and active social media campaign. Benefit from our pleasant & professional service, & full in-house suite of services, including: Photo enhancement Graphic Design Logo Design 3D Modeling Video Editing Web Design Technical Support And So much more! All included! Call or sent us a message to book your package now! Ph / Whatsapp: +506 8883 8993 Email: ShaheeMedia solves your challenge of getting the targeted online exposure you need, through a full in-house suite of services, so you achieve your goal and have satisfaction and peace of mind! "My wife and I are more than satisfied with Shahee's assistance in getting our website up and running and handling our FB pages. We cannot keep up with the promotional demands of FB and Craigslist. Shahee's service handles the promotional tasks on a consistent basis. I vote "yes" on Shahee's Multimedia Support. Best" Bill Van Horn Short waiting list, Reserve Your Package Now mited availability, First come first sLierve Examples of my work can be seen at See us on Facebook at Ph / Whatsapp: +506 883 8993 Email:

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