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"Together We Claim our Oneness with All that is."

March 14 2018

Hello new and old friends,

I am so grateful to any and all you who are able to help me today. Earlier today I saw my palliative care doctor. She confirmed that the cancer has advanced since the last time we met – and at this stage to expect more bleeding from the tumors on a regular basis. She gave me some new things and training on how to use them to control the bleeding.

The doctor expressed her concern about me living at home alone, because she said soon I won't be able to take care of myself. It was the first time she clarified for me that caregivers from the Palliative Care Program will NOT be coming to check on me on a frequent basis – more likely once a month. So this is big news – I was grossly mistaken in my understanding about that, making this a pretty big, new hurdle, to find help for me daily, 7 days a week. Yet, I had already put out a call for helpers to my neighbors, and so far one person may be available.

And even a couple of weeks ago, I began to face and reduce the amount of money I've been spending on natural cancer cures. It needs to be redirected now towards paying for home care, pain medication, medical supplies, and for burial.

Also, I'm trying to get the title of my very old house cleared (long story), so I can sell it -- the main value being the land. There's a potential buyer from the neighborhood IF the title is cleared, and the terms are such a great deal: I'd have money during this time for all I need, and he'd get the house before its paid off. The cost of clearing the title is equivalent to one month of my current living and medical expenses, about $1500.

In summary, the news this week: I'm looking for people who can help with living expenses, donations towards clearing the title, and helpers to be with me in this last stage. I do have a beautiful Tico (Costa Rican) "family", neighbors who treat me like their own daughter. They have gone to any lengths to help me when they can, and they have their own extended family to care for. They are amazingly close, loving and caring; they share everything with each other and hold each other up through hard times with amazing kindness and patience.

So I'm sending another huge wave of gratitude for all of you angels out there. Please donate today or when you can – and your prayers and caring thoughts are always deeply appreciated.

Much Love,


January 17, 2018


Source The Angels, Visions of Heaven Jan 2018

This message from the angels inspires me and I wanted to share it with you; I hope it inspires you too!

“Your life upon the earth, whether it is only a few years or a hundred, is so very short in the span of eternity. It is a precious gift and an experience that each and every one of you desired before you were born.

You wanted to shift your awareness from the world of spirit into the physical because you saw it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to love, and to expand in your awareness of the love that lives within all things.

There is and never has been anything small or insignificant about you. In every moment you choose to love yourself, another, or even the ground beneath your feet, the entire fabric of creation knows more love. In every moment you overcome a challenge, the entirety of the human race will have easier opportunities to overcome similar challenges. In every desperate moment, when you think one loving thought, the entire collective human consciousness is infused with greater love.

You are not separate. You never were, and you never will be. The energy that abides in you connects all of you in the invisible realms. It is in only in moments of deep Presence, or when you take your leave of this physical existence that you will see the subtle, loving, fabric of creation that unites you as One”.

So bottom line, I see we are all angels for each other. Thank you for being my angel today....and if you can, please make a donation today. God Bless You!!!

Can you help me today? Hello everyone, I hope you are starting a beautiful New Year. I wish I could say how much it means to me to receive your support, as metastasized cancer is slowly restricting my life, more and more. Nothing much is new. The newer tumors are growing and I am keeping them clean and covered. The pain now ranges from 7 to 10. I can no longer move my right arm enough to sweep or mop my floors, and I am feeling tired and weak more often. Last week, the Palliative Care Program ran out of their allotted supply of morphine. They told me they do not know for sure when more is coming. I thank God that the CBD oil helps to reduce the pain, but not totally. And even though I am working with the head Physician of the Palliative Care Program at our local hospital, I have not been officially accepted yet into their version of a hospice program. I find this process extremely stressful since I have to wait for hours at the crowded hospital, only to return again and again, because I either do not have the right paperwork or because I'm too exhausted or ill to wait any longer. I will try again this week to complete the process with Sheri's help. Once I am accepted into this program my medications and medical supplies will be covered. And someone will come to visit me when needed to make sure my dressings are changed, to help me manage the pain, and whatever else they can do to make me comfortable. But until then, I must pay for medications and dressings, on top of my living expenses. Its been nearly six months now that I have been completely reliant on the charity of others. I wish it were different, but this is my situation. This note is a plea to please help with any amount. Every donation makes a difference, and I am deeply grateful for each and every one of you. Please donate today if you can. And thank you with all my heart. Love, Marguerite

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