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Soul Attunement Immersion with Vyola Myst, Sheri Cooke & Dina Delaini

The Pavilion

Sunday, Dec. 10

Soul Attunement Immersion

with Vyola Myst, Sheri Cooke & Dina Delaini

10:00 to 3:30

Get ready to be transported from Earth to Sky and back again, softly landing in the expansive heart center of our collective being! “This Soul Attunement Immersion” is an day-long version of the half-day Soul Attunement we offered at Canaan de Rivas at Café Alegria. Our day will start at 10:00 with an hour and half of Qigong with Dina Delaini designed to give you an expanded sense of your energy body and connection to source energies, immediately followed by ½ hour of ethereal sounds by Master Sound-Healer, Vyola Myst.

We’ll break for lunch (bring your own) and absorb the special energy of the Solfeggio sanctuary.

In the afternoon, Messenger of One, Sheri Cooke will facilitate a deep experience of Soul Attunement, combining channeled teachings, breathwork and processes to increase awareness of unity consciousness, amplified by group toning. Vyola Myst will then transport you even deeper with the Music of the Spheres into expanded states through channeled tones and the heavenly multi-dimensional vibrations of the crystal bowls.

Gift yourself the time to fully sink into the transformative experience of Soul Attunement! Price: 22 mil (please contact one of us if you need a cost adjustment) Please bring a yoga mat. For directions email BIOS: VYOLA MYST is a sound healer, professional violist, recording artist, and Reiki Master/ She plays soothing viola and sings angelic healing tones, performing magical improvised Music of the Spheres that inspires, transforms, and connects us to our Soul. Vyola offers Vibrational Attunements and teaches/leads Sound Medicine Ceremonies with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, voice, viola, percussion, and other sound healing instruments. Vyola has performed in numerous sacred music ensembles, including kirtan bands in festivals such as PranaFest and BhaktiFest. Her solo CD “Sacred Myst” is available at CD Baby; receive an attunement with her Music of the Spheres and other recorded music at SHERI COOKE is a conscious channel for the love and light of God. Wherever there is an intention for healing, increased awareness of Who we really are, our connection with Source and all creation, the group mind speaks and moves through her. The messages, instructions and teachings which come through her carry frequencies that shift our consciousness and attune us with our unified mind, as the barriers that prevented us from remembering and embodying our One Self are exposed and fade. Sheri's mission is to facilitate the conscious embodiment and unique expression of God in each of us here on earth. You can read her story and full bio at: DINA DELANI is a certified Qigong teacher. At at a young age, Dina had an experience of Oneness with Everything. In later years, this experience has enhanced her understanding of energy, Daoism and Qigong, all fields of constant study and practice. The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong attunes you to your energy body, while enhancing your ability to experience connection to Source and source energies. Cultivating and refining a relationship to energy supports and empowers our journey through life, and can awaken you to your soul’s purpose. For more information on Qigong:

May your Qi flow freely!

Dina Delaini


Founder of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary

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