• Pura Vida Connections

Welcoming November to our Glorious & Ever Wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We are welcoming many new Chayotevine Members this week!

This week only at Colibri's Corner at the San Isidro / Perez Zeledon feria ... we will be open just until 3pm on Thursday and closed on Friday.

Anyone with ads of any type ... please make sure to update them with us!

We recycle glass bottles and jars of all types ... as well as egg cartons with tops. Try our Organic Eggs!

New items not yet listed on Stuff page:

New and used Vitamixes

Brand new breadmaker

Lightly used Juicer (for carrots, etc.)

Write stuff@puravidaconnections.com

Everything Must Go Sale!

Saturday, November 4

10 a.m. until…

Home of Linda Bass

La Hermosa

Household goods, furniture, electronics, Christmas decorations and more!


Going south from General Viejo, pass the T intersection with a cell tower and then a soccer field on the right. The house is 200 meters south of the soccer field. There is a Cow Crossing sign just before the driveway entrance on the right. The house is white with a slanted roof.

Dear Friends,

We have had a very long, tough and costly rainy season this year. The community came together as one and the rebuilding began, the donations of food, money and clothing signified the Love and Harmony we share as community.

I believe a "Celebration" is in order and what better way than bringing the Joy of the Christmas and the love of community together. I would like to invite you to the

"Community Christmas Party", December 17, 2017, at the Chirripo Hotel & Restaurant.

Once again, Chef Memo will prepare a Seasonal Dish, a complete dinner for your enjoyment.

Timing and planning are essential for