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Peaceful, Thoughtful Days in our Loverly Southern Zone of Costa Rica

La Naturaleza by Sally Dolak of Puriscal

Welcome to lots of new friends visiting and moving here to our Southern Zone ... so glad you are here! Hope all are enjoying our blessed rain!

With plenty of embarrassment, I wanted to share that I got scammed by phone last week and the caller was able to get into my Banco Nacional account and empty it. I have heard similar stories ... one of a very intelligent and savvy gent who lost nearly $20,000. Since this happened, more stories have surfaced from incidents from other financial institutions. There was no way they got my password so I am extremely stumped and out many hours trying to get things back to right. So, just a warning ... never give any personal info by phone ... trust in God & tie your horses!

Hope to see you at Colibri's Corner this week at the San Isidro Feria ... we are open from 7am til 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays from 9am til 1pm ... first booth in front of the Supermarket in the back of the feria. We have organic dates!!!!!

Technical Support for all brands of Computers (Mac or PC), Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) and Routers. Home calls service available.

Iván Herrera Chaves

IT Services and System Support

+506 8842-5254

Fully Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Organic Finca/Farm with 2 Homes

Development on 40 acres $399,000

Lovely 1 bedroom home for rent from Sept. to Dec., only 5 min drive to Tinamastes organic feria. In the midst of lush 2 ha with gorgeous mountain as your neighbor, enjoy the large deck in a hammock or on the swing! Living area fully screened, great internet, simply epic hot water outdoor shower. Washer and dryer, flush toilet, green house use if desired. 25 min to beach or shopping in Perez. $780 per month.

2 Dogs Free to loving home! Dog food included! Photos are on Furry Friends page

  • We are looking for a good home for our two large dogs asap as we no longer have a yard to keep them in. They are excellent guard dogs, loyal family dogs, and good with children. They are extremely protective and territorial and not good with other animals. We prefer to keep them together as they are best friends but they can go to separate homes.

  • Female - Kailua is an 8 year old spayed Rottweiler mix. She is super sweet and loving. She is long haired and in great shape.Male - Hemi is a 10 year old neutered Italian Mastiff. He is a wonderful loving dog. He is in good health but has some hip problems common in larger breeds. He gets around fine and gets a shot from the vet occasionally that really helps.

  • Keiston 8916-2960 (English/Spanish) Tracie email:

Many of you are fortunate enough to know Chema & Marga ... well they are doing amazing work here with their El Paso de la Danta ... please click here and read about it!




Dr Walter J Urban is a clinical psychologist and research psychoanalyst registered with the medical board of california, is a professional business consultant, former business owner and is 85 years old with a lot of experience. he is author of DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE and two other books. meeting will be held in CAJON, 15 miles south of SI. minimum of 8 required to start group. write to doctorwalter123@gmail if interested. you will be notified if and when it starts.

Nicely furnished two-story house in barrio Lourdes outside the town of San Isidro in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. Available for short-term, temporary rental, Please click link for more information.

The Raw Food Traveler is back on shelf! Join me on my epic journey through personal transformation. Learn how I overcame many years of skin issues and chronic eczema, addictions, negative self image and low self esteem, and an unhealthy relationship with food. This journey will take you from Canada to Hawaii, from Australia to Indonesia, from Malaysia to Thailand then onward to India. Fruit Foraging, Rainbow Gatherings, Fasting and more... Enjoy Also can be picked up at Colibri's Corner at the San Isidro Feria

POWERWASHING Pool Decks, Siding, Sidewalks, Boats, Machinery- Bill 506-8655-9555