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Standing tall in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Wish I knew where this photo came from so I could give the V sign too.

Welcome new Chayotevine Community Members! What a magical time to be here in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Please check our Events page for lots of diverse entertainment, education, etc. etc.

U.S. Embassy funds research to preserve Costa Rica's famous stone spheres

Franchise Expo Coming Up

Article on protecting your home from lightning strikes

New listing: Beautifully done, 2 bedroom / 3 bath home plus Guest House near Palmar Norte. Well priced and furnished.

wanted: reliable shipper for shipping 'stuff' (not a full container, just a couple of pallets) from CR to the States. any recommendations are very much appreciated - gracias en todo!

HealthAndYogan Copper Tongue cleaners-12 pieces have 2 sets ... $12 each at feria or write

Welcome back to Diane and her scrumptious & healthy Asian Salads ... best to order ahead. Available at Colibri's Corner in the PZ feria.

Good morning! Am putting it out to the community, that I have 2 very wonderful, kind, loving & wise hunter orange boy kitties that nef forever homes today, or they go back to the cage at the vet. :-( Both neutered w/ all shots. 7 months, Super silly & playful (great with kids) and proven prolific & brave hunters as well. Anyone ready for a lot of love in their home?! If you are unable, though know someone that can, the info is much appreciated! (adoption fee has been waived!) Thank you! Diana D 8720 8355

We have gorgeous 6 week old Husky / Malamute puppies for sale ...

write or see Furry Friends page or call 2770 2884.

Continued excellent feedback on our newest product, Raw Grass Fed Butter, is already a huge success! Pre-orders are welcome ... we sold out again. Available with no salt or with Himalayan Salt.

San Gerardo de Rivas Cottage with a large covered porch for bird watching: $400 per month. Available July 1, 2017, a cute wooden cottage, furnished, with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. On the bus line, but set back about one block, so not on the main road. Has on demand hot water tank for bathrooms and kitchen, also you can flush your paper in the toilet. Located in the Secret Gardens of beautiful San Gerardo de Rivas at the base of Chirripo mountain about 11 KM up from Rivas at around 1,300 meters altitude (4,000 feet). You can read about San Gerardo de Rivas and see pictures of the gardens at - click activities and then gardens. Contact Bernan 2742-5086 (home) 8451 3001 (Cell) Spanish only.

"Stuff for Sale" ... more on Stuff page

  • Guitars

  • RenaWare

  • Cello

  • Toshiba Laptop

  • Fans

  • Trek mountain bike

  • Insignia brand universal laptop power cord and tips. Brand new. Works for a variety of laptops (various tips). $45

  • Kala brand - high quality, unique 6 string ukelele. "Kala 6 tenor, gloss mahogany ". Soft case and capo included! Retail (ukelele) $325, asking $145

Gorgeous 2 bedroom nearly new home just outside of town with views forever ... plus guest house. Fully furnished. For rent or sale.

Amazing home & setting with pool in the mountains not far from Chirripo ... furnished ... ready to move into.

For a well priced, comfy house in the 'campo' of San Vito, please check out this little beauty, just $50,000 now.

Large Quebradas Cabin for sale .. income opportunities

Newly in: organic raisins, raw Grass Fed Butter, organic maple syrup, nutritional yeast, organic tobacco, organic neem powder, and good supplies of fluoride free toothpastes!

I'm looking for a piece of land with 200-300 hectares of mostly primary forest, titled if possible, and above 1300 meters. If you know of any details let me know. Thanks have a wonderful day! Kobe Ticon Storay <>

Becca’s Mango Chutney…

Sweet Organic Mangoes and Manzanas Nacionales (Costa Rican Apples) make up the base of this delicious and complex condiment. The addition of Organic Indian Curry Powder, sweet onions, chile dulce, ginger, raisins, apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon makes for a chutney you can eat straight from the jar. It’s a perfect condiment for any Indian dishes (vegetarian or meat curries especially), a glaze for meat, tofu, or vegetables, and according to one of my customers, it also makes a great vanilla ice cream topping! Definitely something to tr