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Colorful Times here in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Orchids by Lilliam Quesada Mora

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

Welcome New Members ... so happy to have join us!

Legislative Assembly approves new traffic fines

Costa Rica Celebrates Passage of Animal Rights Law

Costa Rica’s New Marine Protected Area Protects 3 Turtle Nesting Site

One great new product this week we have is Free Range Butter ... so delicious & so healthy ... with pink himalayan salt or without salt. Orders ahead are appreciated is possible.

Also happy to say we have our Asian Hot & Sweet Sauce available again.

Our peanut butter also gets rave reviews ... smooth or chunky .. with organic coconut oil & himalayan salt.

Another new product is organic Matcha Green Tea ... the best!

We are in the process of forming a group to talk alternativa currencies. Local currency solutions, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other crypto currencies. Anyone interested learning about such or even buying or selling, I will be hanging out near Colibri's Corner starting near 8:30am. The goal is to have a monthly meetup where we can learn, share, buy, sell in the new emerging economy.

You can also email me if you have questions

Agricultural Engineer and Permaculture Designer now offering consulting services, to help your farm reach it´s fullest potential. Your land, be it big or small, can be a tropical paradise which feeds you and the wildlife, as well as providing ecosystem services. I will help you design a resilient agroecosystem according to your vision, be it growing food for the family, or planting a commercial crop such as cacao or coffee. My team has experience in: - earth-moving for roads, housesites, ponds, soil conservation earthworks - construction of greenhouses and other farm infrastructure - establishing food forests, field crops, kitchen gardens, beautiful landscaping (edible or not) - animal systems, a major source of fertilizer! This is my passion – I live on an agroecological farm with my family, I have a Masters in Environmental Studies and certificates in organic agriculture, agroecology and more. Allow me to apply my experience and knowledge to creating a better space for you!! For more info please call 88565519, e-mail or visit

Please check our Events page for several fun & enlightening upcoming events!

July 1st will be a Fundraiser for our Lifeguards at Roca Verde (always a super event) .. and our Chef Memo is planning a Fourth of July party for us all at Rio Plaza - Von Dincklage Prado, San Isidro Central.

For Sale 2001 Toyota 4 Runner

Red, 6 cylinders, manual trans, gas 110,000 miles


Call 8-344-4297

After June 18th call 8-702-1485

After June 15th can be seen @ Roca Verde

Diana L. Covarelli

"Stuff for Sale" ... more on Stuff page