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Living the Dream Life in Costa Rica

With bright sunshine, waterfalls, tropical jungle and spectacular beaches to

welcome you, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places on earth to

call your home. Tourists have been flocking to the area for quite some time

and many expats have chosen to make Costa Rica their home. Who

wouldn’t want to live a vacation life in a beautiful country every single day

for the rest of their lives?

Here are some of the top reasons expats choose to explore and move to

Costa Rica.

Strong Sense of Community

Costa Rica naturally feels like home to so many people. With a laid-back

atmosphere, a rich culture and people that help others just because they

feel like doing so, it is a place where you will find a strong sense of

community. Neighbors and friends often get together for parties and social

gatherings in the evenings and this can really make daily life fun. People

are friendly and it doesn’t take long to get to meet and know new friends.

The Beaches - Need We Say More?

The beaches in Costa Rica are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Tourists love the public beaches but there are many isolated areas, as well

as luxurious beachfront properties where expats living in Costa Rica can

grab a little piece of beach heaven all their own. With many activities

centered around the beaches, there is plenty for an outdoor adventurer to

make use of. Surfing is very popular in Costa Rica and chances are, you

won’t see waves that compare in many other areas of the world. The white

sand and clear blue water make snorkeling, parasailing and kayaking great

pastimes as well. Prefer to lounge around? There are many spots along the

shore where you can enjoy watching the sun rise or set or spend countless

hours watching the waves crest just off shore. Relaxation goes to a whole

new level when it’s taken advantage of in Costa Rica.

Local Markets

If you ever wanted to eat healthier and live happier, Costa Rica has plenty

of markets that sell fresh food straight from local farmers. Nothing beats the

sweet taste of freshly grown mango, papaya, star fruit or other locally

grown fruits. You can gather your neighbors and friends and have a cook

out right in your own tropical backyard with fresh grown food items. Explore

different tastes and enjoy what each one of the food options offers. You

can even grow your own fresh food right on your land if you choose too.

Other local markets in Costa Rica offer a wide array of goods, some locally

made while others have been imported. Flea markets and other large

markets sell products ranging from small and large household goods to

clothing, designer fragrances and handbags and name brand shoes. You

can also buy fresh produce at most of the flea markets.

The local farmer’s markets that attracts farmers from all over the country

are a must visit when living or visiting Costa Rica. You will find a wide

selection of goods. They are called ferias and its usually best to get here

early. The closest ones can be found below.

 Uvita- Saturday

 Perez Zeledon (San Isidro)- Thursday and Friday

 Tinamastes- Tuesday

 Quepos- Friday 12-8, Saturday starting at 7 am.

Moving is Simple!

Moving to Costa Rica can be simple process although it may take time to

figure out the best way to become a resident. Without residency, you can

stay in Costa Rica as a tourist for up to 90 days. As an added benefit of the

Pura Vida life, whether you live in Costa Rica full time or are just

vacationing for a while, you can always visit neighboring Panama and

Nicaragua for more Central American adventure.

Once you move, you may find a need to move a few things with you. Many

people bring clothing and small personal items while others move

everything including large furnishings and appliances. Depending on your

needs as well as the moving budget, this will be a decision you will need to

make. Some people even have their car shipped over although cars are not

generally a necessity unless you plan to travel outside of your home area.

You should speak to a company like A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. if you want to

bring a car along with you.

These documents will be needed to move your household goods:

• Passport

• Itemized List of Goods - Include Serial and Model Numbers of Appliances

• Bill of Lading

• Receipt from Shipping Company

• Insurance Coverage Document

Don’t forget these documents if moving your vehicle, as well:

• Passport

• Title and Registration

• Bill of Sale

Moving to Costa Rica is a great idea for anyone that enjoys living in a warm

climate with beautiful water, majestic jungles and activities that will keep a

person busy day or night. As the locals say, living in Costa Rica is living the

Pura Vida life and nothing can compare to that.

With perfect temperatures, friendly people and a rich culture, you may just

find yourself the envy of your friends when you make the move. Nothing

beats waking up to a majestic sunrise in paradise every day and living the

Costa Rica dream life.

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