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Enjoying Sun & Wind & Rain & More Sun in our Beloved Southern Costa Rica

Haleakala by Brandon Mark Bushard

Welcoming 2017 & New members to the Chayotevine ... have a feeling this is going to be "never a dull moment" year!

Check out Margarite's Astrology page to see what's up!

Decrease in the amount to be paid for traffic fines

Fight Against Transgenic Crops Continues in Costa Rica

Video: Meteorite Filmed Passing Over Turrialba Eruption, Costa Ric

Major eruption from Turrialba Volcano ...

remember to check flights coming & going from Alajuela / San Jose as some are being postponed or canceled. Click here.

Costa Rican Houses Valued Over $231K Owe Luxury Tax in January

Please be extra careful and avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes (or anything, really!) ... there are several people being diagnosed with Dengue per week in our area. Please remove anything that is holding stagnant water ... this is not something to fool with. Here is an article in Spanish talking about it right here, right now.

Looking for Vegan yoga practitioner for kitchen help, etc. for wonderful Eco Lodge in Jaco area. 86034435 Adriana Bolaños Davila

Wanted to let everyone know that the last couple years of the Chayotevine is now on our blog ... click here to see any old editions.

MUST SELL: 1987 Isuzu Trooper, 4x4, gasoline engine, well maintained, up to date riteve & marchamo, $2,000,000 Call Yendry 8656 5938 (photos on Vehicles page)

There are many, many fun & inspiring & educational activities throughout our region to check out here on our Events page ... some really interesting times ahead for those of any interest.

Rainforest Medicine Council: an intrepid journey towards a vibrant life

January 2017: Rainforest Medicine Council with Siecopai Elders and Jonathon Miller Weisberger, to welcome endless possibilities changing the outer world from within. The Council, a joyous long-lasting impact, is being held at Guaria de Osa Wilderness EcoRetreat Centre on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica! One of the most biologically diverse places on Earth... both on land and at sea! Come and experience pristine nature found no where else!! The event is a grassroots fundraiser for ground-level rainforest conservation and sea turtle projects spearheaded by ethnobotanist, Jonathon Miller W., author of Rainforest Medicine. Program details posted at:

510-235-4313 California

Interesting Talk & Lunch Meet Up ... see Events page for more information on this very interesting topic.

Alieans, The Coming Economic Collapse and Demo of our new Local Community Currency

Currently Planned for: Wednesday January 11th

Visiting guest from the US, George Green, a former investment banker is probably the last person you’d expect aliens to choose to communicate with but that is exactly what has happened to publisher George Green. ( ) Time and location will be provided to those that RSVP by sending email to:

Looking for house to rent- preferably a one story 4 bedroom house or a one story 3 bedroom + cabina with outdoor space for dogs. Would consider anywhere in greater San Isidro area. Seeking a long term lease. Please contact Mark 8718-6061 or Kathleen 8913-4926

We are looking for work traders who want to come stay by the ocean and help us here at Rancho Cannatella. A bi-lingual couple would be great, no animals and one who is open to a variety of jobs. We can commit to a month and if all goes well are open to 3 months. Specialty skills are a plus! carpenters, gardeners, farmers, teachers, artists, nannies, musicians, virgo OCD organizers, karate/selfdefense instructors... we are looking for creative, positive and enthusiastic beings who want to contribute to our oceanside farm/vacation rental.

All that are interested please email me at: h