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Full Moon Rising on Friday in our Amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Hummer by Felix Leon


The U.S. Embassy is holding a Consular Outreach Event for the first time in PZ on Monday, April 25, 2016, 12:30-4PM, at the Best Western Hotel Zima, in San Isidro de El General. Embassy staff will be available to assist you with Passport Renewals, Notarial Services,

Social Security card replacements, voter information, and other valuable services and information for American Citizens living in CR.

ALL attendees MUST RSVP to, or call the

Warden for PZ at +506.6036.4283 for further information. Some fees

for services are required, FREE Town hall Q & A, with cookies and

coffee to follow.

Don't miss this chance to skip a trip to San Jose, and get to know

some fellow local expats!! Please help support this event.

Check Events page for more information.

Please check your ads to make sure they are accurate & current!

Quick border run in taxi .. super comfortable ... room for one ... leaving PZ early Tuesday, 26 April to Paso Canoas. $65 Call 6250-5271.

BABY SAARANIN GOATS $200 Platanillo, San Jose, Costa Rica My friend James Kruel has 6 baby registered Saarinin goats he needs to sell. There are 5 females and 1 male. well taken care of and very sweet.He would like $200 per goat and would like them to be cared for without possibility of slaughter. Please pm me with your number if interested. 8877-8203 or 2787-4174 Lily

Anyone have any yellow lemons for sale? Write me

Costa Rica In Country Flights For Only ¢2.500 (plus taxes) One Way

Transition To The Rainy Season in Costa Rica To Start Monday

Canadian Expats In Costa Rica Hope To Regain Right To Vote

Dia de la Tierra ... Earth Day ... will be celebrated near Rivas this Sunday, April 24th at Montana Verde ... check Events page for details. Great way to connect with locals too.

Moringa: One Of The World’s Most Abundant Sources of Vitamins And Minerals We are fortunante to have local, organic Moringa here in our area now ... I've been learning more about it's benefits and the amazing energy the seeds and leaves give ... and the healing qualities of the Oil. Trees also available ... all @ Colibri's Corner

A few new items listed on our Stuff to Buy & Sell page this week:

  • Golf clubs

  • Men's leather jacket

  • Thieves Oil

  • Band Saw

  • Air Framing Gun

  • Shea Butter

From Casey & Sebastian: We'll have goat meat for sale this week. A bargain at 5000/kilo for posta (boneless), or 4000/kilo for bone in bulk purchases (yummy for stew). Same as commercial beef these days. Please call to place orders Sebastian 8407-0394, or Casey at 8856-5519, Read here about how healthy goat meat is. Can be picked up at Colibri's Corner.

Retired couple having to relocate. Everything is for, newer appliances, tools, kitchen stuff, ping-pong table, corn hole boards, dart board, and more... Also a well-maintained 1987 4x4 with a 1999 turbo-diesel engine, and a well-maintained 2008 Honda 420 Quad/ATV. Looking for a single buyer. Everything will be available around mid-July. Rental with awesome, open layout and amazing views possible for you also! Perfect house for a family and for entertaining. Please contact me for pictures and any other info.

Happy to add to our product list Lemon Scented All Natural Bio-Soap ... excellent products with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.

  • All natural organic tobacco

  • Hot & Sweet Mustard

  • Costa Rican Organic Vanilla Beans

  • All Organic Corn Chips ... purple or yellow

  • Raw Honey

  • Fresh Salsa

  • Local Organic Beans & Rice (Integral & White)

  • Organic Teas

  • Stevia in Powder & Liquid

  • Organic Dried Pineapple / Mangos / Bananas

  • Coconut Secret Amino Acids This sap is very low glycemic, an abundant source of 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH.

  • Organic Sauerkraut

  • Vegan Pesto & Vegan Raw Cookies

  • Sourdough Bread

  • Becca's Amazing Hot Hot Sauces

  • Organic Pure Grade A Maple Syrup

We also have now:

  • Manuka honey

  • Organic Alfalfa Seeds

  • Crunchy Spirulina

  • Salt shaker grinders

  • Frankinsence Oil

  • Ylang Ylang Oil

  • Organic sauerkraut

  • Goat cheeses

  • Swiss Cheese

  • Mozzarelli Cheese

  • Fresh & Smoked Trout

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Diatomaceous Earth

  • Epson Salts

  • Lavender Oil

  • Moringa Seeds & Leaves

  • Organic Black Strap Molasses

  • International Phone Cards

  • Cactus Juice & other Natural Bug Repellants

  • Sticky, Yummy Dates

  • Costa Rican Macadamias

  • Integral Oats

For anyone with pain from spots injuries, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatic, please check this link. We are very fortunate to have this high quality Magnesium Oil now available. Also works great as an all natural deodorant!

International Phone Cards available for major savings.

We appreciate pre-orders & can ship throughout Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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