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Key Lime Pie in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Aracaris by Leslie Howle

Offering this week fully organic and super delicious REAL LIMES for Key Lime Pie & squeezing over Papayas etc ... and other Organic Citrus Fruits.

If you have submitted an advert for our website and no longer need it ... please let us know. We are cleaning our pages and sometimes are not sure if you still need the ad ... thanks!.

Portrait Workshop (pencil) Taught by Shahee (Canada, 21 years of experience drawing and painting) starts Thursday October 22 @ Trincheras, downtown PZ Investment: 25000 per month Limited space 86511057

Would you like to rescue your old abandoned Mac?

I can clean your Apple Macintosh until the last very tiny little screw... I can diagnose software and hardware to find damage parts, then to find the new parts and finally to install them back again in order to back to life your vintage classic Mac!

Please contact me if You feel inspired to join this Project!

Will be at Colibri's Corner on Thursday, October 28th.

Iván Herrera Chaves IT Services & Systems Support

Just got in a good supply of Fluoride Free Toothpastes in & Tea Tree Dental Floss & Essential Oils & Cactus Juice!​

Also offering Goat Milk, Goat Cheeses (some with herbs), Vegan Cookies & Gluten Free Nut Brownies & Blackberry Cobbler & Blackberry Vinaigrette.

So appreciate orders ahead ... makes it easier on everyone.

Our international phone cards are working great too.

Taking orders still for big locally raised chickens or turkeys for the holidays ... write here:

Super delicious fresh & smoked trout available at Colibri's Corner, as well as local free range chicken eggs.

We constantly hear how our Ginger Kombucha is the tastiest ever ... always available cold at our booth.

Organic / maca / moringa / hemp seeds & nutritional yeast.

Dates / brazil nuts / pistachios / quinoa / pecans / cashews (raw or toasted) / sunflower seeds / chia seeds / prunes / walnuts & macadamias & more!

We finally have an even better substitute for our Nature's Veil ... this time with Neem and other natural repellents included ... great for bites, preventing bites, any skin eruption, burns, etc.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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