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In Memory Of Matthew Kritzer

So, I became Costa Rica’s lover by Matthew Kritzer

“I went back into the jungle, only this time for myself; I was on a mission to try to understand and find closure in what had happened to me in the steamy, tangled Vietnamese forest. The close fury of combat, during my tour of duty, had shocked me to the core and parts of my mind had gone missing in action.

Now, beginning my sixties, I found myself entwined in another jungle, only this time I was on my own. I felt that by being alone, I would have my chance at filling those indefinable, elusive blank spaces in my personal mode of operation. I knew that the good things in life invariably come on time, though not always on my time. To what degree I was there by accident, I couldn’t decide, but by the grace of destiny, I was now isolated in a beautiful tropical rainforest on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Osa Canton of southern Costa Rica.

I had originally come to Costa Rica for a three- week, get-away vacation. I already had my retirement planned in a manicured, Mini-Mac-Mansion between two golf fairways Florida, and was only seeking a refreshing green prelude, to that dull-gray retirement.

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