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NIA Classes ... John & Ann Bender ... Paradise Lost ... Oregano Oil ... and so much more!

For local folks: my son's technical/environmental colegio is selling tree seedlings at 400 colones each (75 cents). The three species are caoba (big-leaf mahogany), which is listed as endangered, sotacaballo, which is excellent for river and creek borders, and malina, which makes lumber highly resistant to insects, i.e. termites.

The name of the school is C.T.P. Ambientalista Isais Retana Arias, locally known as CAIRA. It is located between Pedregoso and Pedregosito, about 5-10 mins. from the center of San Isidro de El General.Here's their Facebook page:ías-Retana-Arias/442409599116310?hc_location=timeline

Saturday nite, CBS (from the United States) premiered their 48 Hours investigation series, with an expose on the death of John Bender ... here is the CBS link to watch it.

Tico Times has this article on it.

Red Berries

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