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Happy Gaia

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About Us


We want to introduce ourselves: Hi, I am Jen and the decorated man beside me is Can. We created a website for YOU and it's a mixture of a reading tip and an own unique story.


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Can & Jen

2010 - present

Gaia loves us!!


We are urban kids, which began to feel and explore our nature and the nature arond us. This lifestyle means to eat very clean and natural but also to be conscious about our thoughts, our bodys and what we do in general. We started our round the world trip with bikes and without money 2013. We camped at wild places and have been blessed by the power of human kindness. Food was a gift all the time. From private people, from farmers or second choice fruits from the supermarkets. We are happy and pink-thinking people and on our journey we met countless beings which are looking forward to a truly free life. We saw that more and more people understand, that a happy life is possible, or maybe only possible, without money, economic growth, schoolsystem and more social enforcements that directly hurt natures laws. The following texts and pictures are for us and for you. A tool to work on the way we think. To give you a positive meaning for the future or maybe you are already thinking this way and want to use this website as an example for your friends. To show them what's in your head and heart. Let's paint a picture of mankind developing their power.


Be loved
Can and Jen

2010 - present

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