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Bibliolandia "ALL FOR A SMILE"

Contact Information

Phones : Of. 2771-2403 , Cels . 8705-3787 , 8856-8672 ,

Offices in : Streams of Perez Zeledon, San Jose , Costa Rica 100 mts . North Downs School



Who are we?

Under the name of  BIBLIOLANDIA since 1991, we transfer a positive message against drugs, violence, social abuse and environmental damage. Our slogan is: "All for a smile”

Without showing any religious tendency, we present Jesus as the answer to the current  problems.

Bibliofun Foundation was founded in 2003 to protect the intellectual property of the material we produce, to formalize our operations, and to have involvement in activities that require it.

Our office is located in Perez Zeledon, from here visits are coordinated throughout the country, and beyond our borders .

What do we do?


We work through performances, games, dynamic , aiming always  to leave a positive message to our audience. Our activities are for the whole family , and we also offer specialized programs for specific audiences such as children, women, and youth .

We travel to where ever we are invited; institutions, churches , Indian reservations , schools, nursing homes  and even outside the country.

All of our staff are volunteers, except Alfredo and Adirana whom are starting to work full time

At our team we have people with a wide range of skills that allow us to deliver results with excellence and quality.

We encourage leadership, work values ​​, excellence, honesty, solidarity.

We offer training workshops.



● To present our program to about 10 000 people per year

● 70 presentations in 2012 .

● In 2009, the government of Costa Rica benefited us with a car which we use to move to different locations. ( More than 25,000 miles have been traveled since that time)

● We have taken our message to Colombia , Panama Kuna Indian reservation , Nicaragua , El Salvador , Haiti , United States of America and Canada.

● We are active in cultural and social interest of the canton of Perez Zeledon .

● Each year we produce audio material with high quality to be use in our presentations.

● Presence on social networks. (Facebook )



Each presentation invests cost approximately $200 000, without adding this variable costs for logistics, materials and transportation grants .

Besides the material cost, are invested over by 100 volunteer hours per presentation.


● Professional Development and theater costumes inflatable buying pets to amuse and impact more children

● Having to economic facilities . Supply of tools and food, toys , for children who visited

● Develop scenarios more portable and versatile

● Introduce our audio productions in the radial half of the country and in this way to take our message to more people.

● Continue with tours inside and outside our borders .

● Continue the training of leaders .

How to help ?

● donating food, toys , educational materials , transportation and more .

● Economic support for a young couple working in the foundation.

● Donations to the account at National Bank colones Costa Rica .

N ° 200-01-010-056709-1 to Fundación Bibliofun

● Working as a volunteer and as part of our foundation 



• Carlos Mora , Applications Manager , Procter and Gamble .

Cel 8608 2155

• Master Lamb Ligia Segura Staff Headquarters, Hospital Escalante 8324 9345

Cel Padilla

• Lic. Teresita Barrantes Catechetical Pastoral Elizondo Diocese of San Isidro del General  Tel 2771 1338

• Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Association .

Tel : 2226 6350

• Mr. Ronald Black Entrepreneur Barker

Cel 8351 6155

What we don't do.


Organize private parties.

Entertain children.

Ridicule people.

Use obscene jokes or double entenders.

Encourage violence in toys and performances.

Charge money for our presentations

Our Schedules


We have an annual launch event to be held in Perez Zeledon, where families gather around the county. Gathering more than 1500 people .

We do 50-70 annual presentations.

Presentations outside Costa Rica when whenever we have the opportunity

2010 - present

2010 - present

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