Working Farm / Ranch for Sale

Beautiful 106 hectares (262 acres) farm near San Antonio de Rio Nuevo.  Lots of privacy ... 6 km on a dirt road from Santa Rosa.  2 cement block houses, 2 corrals, 3 stables. 15 pastures, 2 water systems, several quebradas (streams), Waterfall, Coffee / Bananas / Sugar Cane, Many fruit trees, Elevation between 1200 and 1500 meters (4,000 to 5,000 feet), Can see the Pacific Ocean from the top of the property, 

Currently on property: 45 head of cattle / 15 horses / 6 sheep.  Motivated seller.  $600,000

Write or call 506-2771-7173

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Great properties for sale in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.  Most of them are for sale by both our English speaking and local Tico friends, in this our every day growing community. 

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