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BECCA'S Salsas Picantes vienen de la gran generosidad que nace del suelo Costarrisence -- a partir de las frutas tropicales locales a los chiles, especias, y vegetales que cultivamos en nuestra finca orgánica en las altas faldas de Cerro Chirripó.  Cada salsa se hace en pequeñas cantidades, y cuidamos que los ingredientes utilizados sean totalamente naturales, locales, y en lo se puede, orgánicos. Más que el picante, cada salsa tiene un sabor increíble y pueden utilizar en una variedad de maneras. 100% Excelente y SIEMPRE hecho con amor.

BECCA'S Hot Sauces are inspired by the vast bounty that springs from Costa Rican soil -- from tropical fruits to the heirloom chiles, spices, and vegetables we grow on our organic farm high in the foothills of Cerro Chirripó. Each sauce is made in small batches from all-natural ingredients.  In fact, we are committed to using as many locally sourced, home-grown, and organic ingredients as possible.  More than just heat, these sauces have amazing flavor and can be used in a variety of manners. Their dynamic characters lend themselves to multiple applications: marinades, glazes, as an ingredient in your favorite recipes, or as a complement to dishes from gallo pinto to pizza.  100% Awesome and ALWAYS made with love.

SWEET JESUS!  Mango-Habanero Sauce:  Starts off slightly-sweet and bright, and then "Sweet Jesus!", there's the spice.  This is a very dynamic and versatile sauce (i.e. you can put it on everything from eggs to pizza or use it to liven up your fresh salsa.)  Great as a marinade or glaze for chicken, seafood, and veggies...and for fish tacos, this is the ultimate, hands down!  Made with certified organic mangoes from La Ecovilla in San Mateo, with local honey, and organic habaneros, onions, ginger, and turmeric from my organic farm.  HOT to MEDIUM HOT

MEAN GREEN  Fire-Roasted Jalapeño and Green Chile Sauce:  Packs a bit of a punch right up front, but evolves into a lovely fire-roasted flavor with a nice tang.  One of my favorites on pizza, but again, it can be poured on everything.  HOT to MEDIUM HOT

SMOKIN' SAUCE  Pineapple-Chipotle Sauce:  For those chipotle fans out there, this is a winner!  I use only sweet organic yellow pineapples for the best flavor.  Add chipotles, organic cumin, carrots from my garden, and organic New Mexico chile powder, and you've got a sauce made in heaven.  Great on fish, pork, and veggie burritos, etc.  Not too spicy but loaded with flavor.  MILD

FIRE IN THE HOLE!  Hot Red Chile Sauce:  The name says it all.  Made from a mixture of my favorite red chiles, it's got good flavor to back up the heat.  It's definitely not too hot to ruin your meal, but it packs a bigger wallop than the other ones.  Amazing in Bloody Marys and great on anything.  Fire. Flavor.  Unadulterated chile goodness.  What more could you want?!  HOT

FIRE IN THE HOLE!  WEAPONS GRADE Limited Edition:  This is Fire In The Hole! with the addition of Ghost Chiles (Bhut Jolokia) and some other insane chiles I grow.  All about the heat, this one.  Amazingly enough, it still has great flavor, but man, is it HOT!  SUPER HOT


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All Organic Raw

Goat Cheeses

Current Flavors:

- red onion & basil

- dill & garlic

- hot chile with sweet chiles

Moringa Oil

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