Properties For Sale, San Blas, Serviced Lots or Move in Ready Casa


 Properties For Sale, San Blas, Serviced Lots or Move-in Ready Casa

 4 Properties, Titled, Serviced with power and water in small gated community: (Available: 1 acre; 2 acres -SOLD; 3 acres; 4 acres.) Building sites cleared and ready for building. Great views of the Valley General, San Isidro, and Rivas! Great water! Internet connections! Cooler climate. Quiet Community. 1.5 km off pavement on hard graveled, public road 15 minutes from San Isidro. General Viejo community is within 5 minutes with larger mercado, good restaurants, and even a small gym.

Prices vary and start at $45,000.

Contact: Carole - 85496014; Bob - 87296941; or e-mail:

(emailing is best during the off season)



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