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Honoring Mr. Marciano Zúñiga Arias - 1948's Civil War in Costa Rica

Almost two decades of those 44 days had already passed that forever changed the history of our country.

The year 1958 was awarded to the honor and courage of Don Marciano, who by the mid-90s, would leave to render an account to heaven for all the good and bad actions during the civil war. 1958 over there in California, life began a beautiful little girl who many years later, would bring the threads of interest for that man, decorated on her date of birth.

The decade of the 40s was revolutionary and the Calderonistas and the Figueristas pushed the ideals, and between asylums and fraudulent elections, with programmed fires in voting centers and vector silences, they led, in the 48, the explosion of democracy's impetus against the greed of the corruption.

Pérez Zeledón fought battles and hundreds of Ticos died to create institutions and laws that provide the foundations of the current institutional framework.

The unmistakable handwriting of Don Bernardo, my uncle, who went to heaven in 2019, judged those approved by honor and discarded those who, full of astuteness, made the ranks for the medal and lifetime remuneration.

Worthy memories that embellish our canton and highlight the wonderful peace that characterizes our idiosyncrasy, and illusions the borders and captivates visitors, all proud of being or living in this blue sky that protects white souled people, that sustains values ​​with the red bloodshed for vocation, for eternal admiration.

May what happened in March and April of the year 1948 never be forgoten, specially by the managers of our tranquility!



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