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Logistics Management Services: a Costarican Company

Logistics Management Services is a full-service, bi-lingual company. We are a Costa Rican company that is American-owned and managed. Our staff has over 20 years' experience in international trade between North and Central America. Services include both ocean and air shipping.

We make all the arrangements for your shipment. Door-to-door service is our specialty. Our experience includes containers of household goods, vehicles, machinery, and boats. We service individual families relocating to Costa Rica, as well as businesses working and manufacturing here.

We are located in Cartago about a half-hour southeast of downtown San Jose and one hour from the airport. Most of our shipments are through the port of Limon/Moín, Costa Rica about 2 hours away on the Caribbean Coast.

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CR 506-2573-3933Office

CR 506-2573-3912


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