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February Flowers & Compassion in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This is what a Vanilla Orchid looks like. Thank you Karen Christianae.

Welcome New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All

Come out and play with Lisa & Carl at their Neville debut! This power duo really puts on a fun interactive show with a great mix of tunes from classics

to current. Click here for details. Lots of other great activities found on our Events page.

"As so many of us know or friends who we know are struggling - 2019 was a challenging year for so many.

And one of our own, one of my dear friends, has had the very worst year of her life. She is now asking for our help. If you have heard the expression - "it really does take a village sometimes".

If you are able to help with her GoFundMe campaign, or perhaps send the link along to your network of friends - every little bit does help. And you never know who might want to help if they knew." And here is the link Jannette MacKinnon's 'Cancer Has a Silver Lining' organized by Jannette MacKinnon

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