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Reclaiming Forgiveness - Restoring the Healing & Shedding the Manipulation

3 module online program

Have you experienced the pain and hurt of betrayal in a relationship? Did you find yourself being pressured to ‘forgive & forget’ when you hadn’t even yet healed? Were you confused by all the moralizing on why it’s your job to forgive, while having an uneasy feeling that your partner seems to have no accountability beyond an unconvincing ‘sorry.’ How is it that you, who were wronged, are being pressured to be the one to make things right?

Join us in our 3 module online program where we will be discussing how Forgiveness, a principle meant to create personal peace and empowerment, has been weaponized against those it was meant to serve as a way to shift blame, avoid consequences and perpetuate abuse. We will explore in detail the following topics and engage in powerful processes to assist you in creating a body level awareness of what Forgiveness truly means.

We look forward to seeing you inside! *SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING until December 24th, 2019 at midnight!

This deep dive into the practice and process of forgiveness is a powerful healing gift to you!

~Freyja & Michael Inanna

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