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Waving Goodbye to an Eventful October ... Happy Halloween & Welcome November to our Ever changin

Welcome to New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All!

Our booth, Colibri's Corner is open this week from 7 am to 8pm on Thursday and Friday from 9am til 1pm ... we are at the very back, in front of the ex-supermarket/now covered parking at the Perez Zeledon / San Isidro Feria.

Lots more rain on its way!

Lonely Planet names Costa Rica as one of top travel destinations in 2020

The incredible Ballena Tales, Current Edition

Costa Rica’s Cocos Island Recognized as Blue Park

Surf Declared of Public Interest in Costa Rica

Duty-free zone in Golfito improves purchasing system in 2020

Feeling fortunate to have found an all around licensed Tico to fix just about anything in the house .. he totally replaced all of the bad wiring, re-dug out and improved the septic system enormously, fixed plumbing issues, and much, much more. Little English but easy to community with. Call Andres from Constructora Yamole at 2771-8245 or 8583-2128.

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